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    Sarah — Available


    Looking for a beta? Well you've stumbled upon the right person! My name is Sarah, and I'm a twenty-two years old and from England. I've been beta reading on this site for a while now, and have been beta-ing on and off on other sites for a few years. Make sure to read the info below before asking me to beta your story; afterall, you want the best beta for your needs.

    Genres: I'll quite happily do any, except poetry. My favourite genre is Marauder Era, but I will do anything, really.

    Ships: My OTP is Lily/James, so I could never reject a fic with them in. I also like any canon pairing, but will do non canon as well, depending who it is. I will not accept any Draco/Hermione or Ginny, and am iffy about taking on student/teacher relationships and Lily/Severus. I am, however, a fan of things that could be canon, so if you've got a Parvati/Michael Corner, Fabian/Marlene or even Gilderoy/Professor Sinistra, then I will definitely consider.

    Ratings: I'll do anything.

    Warnings: Any

    Abuse: I'd rather not, but I will look over it and get back to you if you would like.

    Alternate Universe: For this one, it entirely depends on what I think of the story. Some I'll do, but others, I'm afraid not.

    Book seven disregarded: Same as AU for this one, it depends on what the story is about.

    Character Death: I'll do this one, no problems.

    DH Spoilers: Since most of us have read DH by now, I have no problems doing this

    Dubious Consent: I'd prefer not to if it's the main focus of your story.

    Epilogue, What Epilogue?: As with AU and DH disregarded, it depends entirely on the story.

    Mental Disorders: I can do these as I live with a Learning Disabilities Nursing student, and have friends on the Mental Health courses, but without asking them, I'm not too brilliant.

    Self Injury: See answers for AU and Book Seven Disregarded.

    Sexual Situations: As long as it's not the main focus of your story or too graphic, I'll do this.

    Slash: I'll do this on a case by case basis.

    Strong Profanity: I do not have a problem with this!

    Suicide: See AU

    Violence: I have no problem with this.

    One Shot/Chaptered: I can do both, I'm not fussed. A note on contest submissions: please tell me when the deadline is and I'll try to get it back to you before then. These submissions take priority.

    Turn-around time: Under a week, but longer if your chapters are long. If I'm going to be longer than a week, I'll let you know.

    Permanent: I have no problem with this, it's up to you.

    Strengths I know my canon fairly well, so I can pick up on things that are not quite right in that department. I am also good with characterisation and catching OOc moments, especially for the Marauder Era (I took the MWPP class in the Autumn Term). I am good with plot and can point out weak points and possible plot holes, and also identify things that don't fit well within the story. As a Brit, I can help with language and cultural issues as well, and weedle out Americanisms in your stories that other beta's might miss.

    Weaknesses: Comma placement is a big weakness of mine, though I am trying to better myself over it. If you want someone to focus solely on grammar then I'm probably not your person. As I am British, I can't really help with other cultures, but I am willing to put in a small bit of research if there is need of it.

    Editing Style: I work with track changes via email as I find that it's a lot easier than working through PM. However, if you feel that colour changes are easier for you, then I can do this. I tend to leave a lot of comments throughout the piece, so don't be disheartened if you see your document coming back with lots and lots of red comment boxes at the side. More often than not it's a suggestion rather than a correction. I'm also fairly honest in my comments, though I try not to be harsh. Please tell me if you want me to be brutally honest or more gentle.

    When replying to this, please use this form so it's a bit easier for me to see what's what.

    Username: Your name on MNFF (and on the Beta Forums if they're different)
    Story: Story title, linked if you already have one published
    Genre: Is it a romance? A mystery? Dark/angst? (Etc.)
    Ships: This is short for "relationships." If there is a romantic pairing in the story, tell us who you've linked up.
    Rating and Warnings:
    Word Count: Remember that the minimum word count for chapters on MNFF is 800-1000 words!
    One Shot or Chaptered:
    Expected Beta Time: How soon you wish to have a reply (1 day, 2 or 3 days, a week, etc)
    Permanent Y/N: If you're looking for a permanent beta (Yes or No)
    Summary: Short summary of the story.
    Has this story/chapter been submitted and rejected before?:

    Sarah x
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