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Thread: Weekly Drabble Challenge 6 - Results!

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    Author: kumydabookworm
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Of Potions and Plots
    Warnings: None
    Words: 286

    Snape glanced at the papers in front of him. After four years of grading these abominations, he knew each student's handwriting better than their faces.

    There was Draco Malfoy's swift, smooth script - Snape wondered how many times Lucius Malfoy had beaten the boy until he created such penmanship - and Parkinson's nearly illegible cursive. And Zabini's, of course, was bold and brash and showy. His family was notorious for their dramatic tendencies, and the boy had inheritied some of his mother's flair.

    Crabbe, surprisingly, had quite good penmanship, despite the fact that his actual words were atrocious. That told something of his true self, perhaps the man he would have been had his parents not gone a bit overboard with their punishments during his childhood - Theodore Crabbe had never had the finesse of Lucius Malfoy. Snape took pity on the boy because of that; Vincent had never failed his class, not once.

    On the other hand, Bulstrode barely managed to hold her pencil. Snape knew that many teachers thought him biased toward his own House. That was rarely true; he merely thought his own House had the best heads on their shoulders. Bulstrode was an exception; he loathed Bulstrode.

    Finally, Snape looked at Nott's paper. The boy knew his Potions well. His pen spelled out clean letters, printed with no embellishment. The writing left only the words, stark and naked, for judgment by the eye. And the words...the words were beautiful.

    Snape thought back to his own days as the Half Blood Prince. Perhaps...

    Yes, Nott reminded him very much of himself as a boy. Snape marked the paper with an "O," his cheeks creasing into a rare smile in the midst of solitude.
    Author: kumydabookworm
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Anything
    Warnings: None
    Words: 374

    Percy Weasley sighed loudly, ignoring the tapping of quills on desks surrounding him. These students lost their focus so easily. He glanced at the clock - three minutes left.

    These exams were supposed to be impossible. But Percy had read about several students who passed each of their NEWTs with perfect marks. That had been three hundred and fifty years ago, actually, when the standards were remarkably lower, but...nevertheless, it had been done.

    Percy knew that he could achieve what those before him had. If he didn't get the perfect NEWT scores that he strived for, how else would he move past Father in the Ministry? Every summer, Percy came home to the Burrow and hated it.

    They were surrounded by chaos and poverty. All they had was what those before them had worked for - castoffs that weren't worthy of the better members of society. Percy could hardly stand to leave his room anymore, preferring to forget this situation as much as he could.

    And as much as he loved his father, Percy had to admit that Arthur Weasley had allowed his arcane values to come in the way of his success, and his family's comfort. Percy could not allow those before him to ruin his success - he must do better than Arthur Weasley.

    Glancing over, Percy made to smile at Penelope. She was a dear girl, polite and sweet and perfect as a wife for any respectable man. She smiled back and rolled her eyes up in the air.

    He fleetingly thought of Angelina Johnson - she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen - but pushed it away. She wasn't nearly as suitable as Penny for him - loud and brash and shockingly uninterested in academics. No matter the cost, to himself and his desires, he would succeed.

    Quickly, Percy glanced down at Penny's paper and glimpsed the answer he was missing. Penelope dearest was nearly as smart as he, but not half as ambitious. She suited him perfectly.

    Briskly, Percy filled in the answer and smiled to himself. He would take a Galleon and buy Penny something nice - she deserved it. The bell rung and Percy handed in his answers.

    That exam had gone well.

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    Name: myownmuggle
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: A Brisk Business
    Warnings: None
    Words: 499

    Fred Weasley watched the bustling activity in Diagon Alley and sighed contentedly. He loved this time of year. Not because of a holiday or the weather, though. Business was brisk. In fact, it was busier than ever. He took one last look at the groups of witches and wizards who were visiting neighbouring shops and stepped back through the doorway of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.

    “Fred, stop lazing about and give me a hand with the owl post. We’ve got at least thirty new orders in this morning,” George called from the stock room.

    “Thirty new orders? Those poor ickle Hogwarts students-“ Fred burst into laughter before he could finish. His twin brother quickly joined in.

    “Brother dear, this is perhaps my favourite time of year. Now that we’re no longer subjected to the trials and tribulations of O.W.L.s and N.E.W.Ts, of course.” George turned to his twin and smiled as he placed several packets of what appeared to be old tea leaves into a small box.

    “Very poetic and well said, brother. I never thought I would enjoy exams quite so much as I do now.” Fred picked up a stack of parchment that lay on the table and began reading from the order forms. “There’s quite an assortment of products being ordered. Perhaps we ought to think about expanding our line of magical study aids.”

    “As long as we don’t spill the beans to ickle Ronnikins. He’d be sure to tell Hermione…” George’s voice trailed off as he heard the tinkling of the bell at the front of the store.

    “What would he be sure to tell Hermione?” Fred raised an eyebrow as he noted that George had suddenly gone quite pale.

    “Yes, George, what would he be sure to tell me?” Fred heard the very familiar female voice over his shoulder and struggled not to laugh at the look on his brother’s face.

    “Hermione, dear, how absolutely spiffing to see you. What brings you into our humble establishment today?” George recovered his composure quickly as Fred doubled over in silent laughter.

    “What are you to up to now? You’re not testing more of your products on Hogwarts students are you? I thought you’d put a stop to that when you left school,” Hermione chided both of the Weasley twins and gave them a very stern look.

    “We’re doing no such thing, love. We’re merely serving a need for those poor, overworked and overtired students who are struggling with the difficulties of exam preparations. You of all people should be able to appreciate that. Even though you had the highest O.W.L. and N.E.W.T scores in Hogwarts history.” Fred put one arm around his sister-in-law’s shoulders and tried to steer her away from the box George had been filling.

    Hermione blushed at Fred’s compliment, but stood her ground. She started to speak, but George cut her off before she could gather steam and start lecturing.

    “You’re not a Prefect any more, Hermione, so save it for Ronnikins.” George grinned.

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    Hopefully, this isn't too late... *Bites lip*

    Name: Mind_Over_Matter!
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: The Importance of Grading (or 'With Reading Material Like That, You Look at Percy and the Choices he's Made and Just Go, 'No Wonder'.")
    Warnings: Minor idiocy.
    Words: 492

    Prefects Who Gained Power

    Chapter Two:
    Grades and Success, a Study of Correlation

    Perhaps the first chance a Hogwarts Prefect has to manipulate and improve his or her chances of success in the magical world is for he or she intensively focus his or her superior intellect upon the matter of exams. In many school systems, this is understood to mean O. W. L.s (Ordingary Wizarding Levels) and N. E. W. T.s (Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests) or S. T. U. F. F.s (Standard Tests of Understanding Fantastic Facts) and F. L. E. U. F. F.s (Freakishly Large Exams of Understanding Fantastic Facts). For information on rare methods of examination, such as F. R. O. G. S. (Frightening, [and Rarely Oinking] Graphing Studies) or T. A. R. T. S. (Terrific Answers are Rare in Tests of Splendour), please see Chapter Twelve.

    Perhaps the greatest example of a student harnessing the power of the theoretical exam and applying this qualification to practical matters, was Italy’s thirteenth Minister for Magic, the late Minister Grayman Tukkish. Tukkish was greatly referred to in the memoirs of his examiner, one Mr. D. Tinkerbinkle, who later employed Tukkman and nominated him for an Order of Merlin, Second Class. While his memoirs are, as yet, practically indecipherable due to his ineptitude and idiocy, the nomination reads thus:

    “I, Dragonman D. Tinkerbinkle, hereby nominate Mr. Grayman Tukkish for the supreme honour of an Order of Merlin, Second Class, mostly due to his outsing number of F. L. E. U. F. F.s, which he was awarded eighty-six of, earlier this year, despite the obstacle of the school only teaching fifteen F. L. U. F. F. classes, and even then suggesting students only take a maximum of ten. Never the less, Mr. Tukkish overcame this hurdle most bewilderingly, thus proving his debatable genius.”

    Although the remainder of the report seems to be made up mostly of legal jargon, this one paragraph displays, beyond reasonable doubt, that grading and academic marks can influence an ambitious Prefect’s career. This is merely a side-note, of course, considering the generally accepted fact that good grades often lead to Head-Boyship or Girlship. Hard evidence of an implication of this fact can be found in a transcription of a lecture given by one T. Campbell, inventor of the O.W.L./N.E.W.T. system (relevant sentence bolded).

    [Speaker questions the reasoning and motivation for Campbell’s invention]
    Campbell: Oh, please. I tried the S. T. U. F. F. and F. L. E. U. F. F. system, but you should try it. It drives you up the wall. I just wanted to invent something that students wouldn’t make stupid jokes about, and which teachers could trust to give them a good idea of the student’s ability, from the most mediocre of mediocrity, to the most genius work of a genius – you won’t want to give an idiot the Head Boy or Girl position – and trust me, it’s been known to happen so you just watch yourself!

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    I have a feeling this is too late, but I was struck with a last minute inspiration...

    Name: solemnlyswear_x
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Too Stupid
    Warnings: Nada.
    Words: 280
    Hannah had always been good at Herbology. In the Hufflepuff common room, she was the one her classmates asked for help with their essays. She had loved working with exotic plants in the Greenhouses since her first year at Hogwarts. But today, Hannah didn’t feel like she was good at Herbology.

    She felt like she was good at nothing.

    She pulled at her blonde pigtails in frustration. It was the week before O.W.L.s, and all the hours she was spending studying by the fire were doing nothing to boost her confidence.

    “I’m too stupid to take exams,” she cried out suddenly, tears pooling in her eyes. She just wanted O.W.L.s to be over, she was sick of worrying.

    Hannah saw, through her tears, Professor Sprout hurrying to her side.

    “Ms. Abbott, are you all right?” she asked, a look of concern appearing on her face.

    “N-no. I’m never g-going to pass m-my exams,” she sobbed, choking out the words.

    “You are a very bright student, you know. I’m sure you will be just fine. You only need to relax,” Professor Sprout assured her gently.

    “I can’t relax,” Hannah shouted. “Not when I’m this stupid.” She was in no mood for lies about her ‘talent’; she’d much rather be told the truth.

    “Ernie,” she heard Professor Sprout call, “would you escort Ms. Abbott up to the hospital wing for a Calming Drought?”
    “Yes ma’am,” Ernie said, his voice laced with concern for Hannah.

    She felt Ernie grab her arm tightly, supporting her. He was a good friend.

    “Come on Hannah, it’ll be okay.”

    She nodded, too worn out to argue.

    She was too stupid for exams.

    And it wouldn’t be okay.

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    Aaaaand, the winners are:

    First Place:

    Hiboux de Lune by TheMadMuggle

    Second Place:

    Practical Examination by Masked One


    Calm Down by Cinderella Angelina

    Third Place:

    Things with a Wand by Gmariam


    Helping a Friend by Sly Severus


    The Importance of Grading by Mind over Matter

    They were all good this time, without exception, so congrats to all the participants and thanks for a lovely set of drabbles! I'll open the thread now so you can discuss them if you wish.

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