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Thread: Ginny Weasley - Part II

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    I remember that she said somewhere in the books that she prefers playing chaser over playing seeker, if that helps.
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    Ginny only played Seeker when Harry was "unavailable" and she always said that she preferred to play as Chaser. I'd say that she was a Chaser. I'm not certain that JKR ever made it clear. Professional Quidditch player is all she said, I think.

    Personally, I don't think that Ginny has the patience to be a great Seeker, I think that she needs to be in the rough and tumble and scoring goals.


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    I think you'd have a harder time arguing that she became a Seeker. She wasn't that good at it. Certainly Harry notices that she misses a catch in one of the matches in OOTP and thus Gryff could have won by more points.


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    I strongly agree. Everything in the books points to Ginny wanting to follow a career as a chases and not a seeker.

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    Ginny did say somewhere in the books that she would prefer to be a chaser than a seeker, and while she was a decent seeker she was definitely better as a chaser.

    A question of my own about Ginny: do you think she could have been a prefect?
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    I think that she could have been a prefect. She seemed to get good grades and the teachers like her.
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    Here is a question for you guys.

    If Ginny was asked to pose in a wizard equivalent of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine in an outfit that left little to the imagination (although not X rated) would she do it? I had an idea of a young James Potter getting into a fight when someone is looking at said picture and makes an inappropriate comment about it.

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    Maybe it would make a difference if the issue of the magazine in question was the current issue and the photograph was taken recently, or if it is an old issue and the photo was taken many years ago, before James was born or even before Ginny was married. I think she would pose as one of a group of young ladies all doing the same thing, especially for a layout that had become something of an annual tradition, when she was younger (post-Hogwarts but pre-marriage). But by the time James was eleven years old and Ginny was about thirty-four, I don't think she would do it, even though she could still look pretty hot.

    You could have this magazine issue in your story as an old copy that someone had saved and that James's friend had found, perhaps hidden away by an older family member many years ago. It could make a lively story.
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