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Post Hogwarts? I disagree here, too. Id say post DH (including the epilogue), because Harry would have to be dead, first.
I wrote a story that took place just after DH, where Ginny becomes Draco's jailer (Shades of Grey). It's a very angsty story where Ginny despises Draco and does quite mean things to him. Draco reforms, in a sense, through his seclusion/internment. He ends up turning down an ugly path where he and Ginny sort of connect, sharing a similar 'pain' (or at least Ginny is finally able to empathise). They slowly become friends (if not out of sheer boredom and isolation), and then this friendship develops. They never get physical though. Even Harry is in the story (although outside of the 'prison') and still manages to keep IC (according to me anyway). ^_~


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But then I dont like Draco, (mainly because hes a very unpleasant person) so that may be colouring my judgement.
No worries, I dislike canon Draco as well. I do like Post-Hogwarts fanon Draco, where he reforms. But then, most women idealise the reformed rake.*

I feel bad for somehow changing the direction of the OP's OT. So, to reiterate what I said earlier, I don't see Ginny dating anyone during DH.

*Most, not all.