This is the new thread for discussing the character of Ginny Weasley. Here are some of the last few points that were posted in the last thread.

ok, i am doing a FF where Ginny is second guessing her engagement to harry, on the day of her wedding to him. Problem is i have already submitted chapter one and have now been told that i have made Ginny to pathetic, which having looked back, i agree with. My question is, how would she react is she overheard that Harry had cheated on her. i thought that , although she is a strong character and isn't supposed to be overly emotional, the fact that this is such a huge shock would cause her to break down (and cry, tell her mother, seek comfort from Hermione etc). But i don't know that much about the emotions of the harry potter characters so i wanted some help with this, if anyone could give me and info on how she might react! thanks!
I think she'd be upset and incredibly angry. We don't see her cry in the books except for the time when she thought she was going to be expelled in COS.

She confides in one person at the most so doesn't share her problems around. For instance, rather than tell Molly that she likes Harry, she tells Hermione, and Hermione seems to be her confidente for most things (althouh I can imagine that person being Luna when they were at H/W without the Trio).

She would, I'm sure, cry, possibly to Hermione or by herself, but I think her overriding emotion would be anger at Harry.

Begs the question though, would she forgive him enough to marry him? Not sure she would, to be honest.

And I have my own question as well. What do you think the differences would be in Ginny's mood between her first pregnancy and her second?