Okay, I have a question I would like some opinions on.

In a fic I'm currently writing, some kids are asking eleven year old Lily Luna Potter about things that her father did. They get things grossly wrong as his deeds have been exaggerated with time, but I was wondering, how much would Harry have told his children? I think he would have told them what he did, how he broke into the Ministry and Gringotts, but would he have told them about the Horcrux's giving how Dark they are? And if he did, how much would he want his children to tell others?

Specifically, in the scene I'm writing, a boy asks Lily if it's true Harry broke into Gringotts with a Goblin army to take back control of the bank from the Death Eaters. Lily says no, and tells him that it was only one Goblin and they went in desguised as other people.

But would she know/tell the boy why he broke in? It's giving me a lot of grief. One hand tells me that Harry would tell them as he got pretty angry when he was younger that things were being concealed from him by the adults, but something else tells me that Horcrux's are really really Dark and horiffic magic that you wouldn't tell a child.

Any thoughts on this would be really helpful, thanks.

Sarah x