Lord I feel noobish...

When I had last played a good round of Quidditch with my housemates, we thought it would be a cool idea to have the story pulled together, beta'd, and posted in the archives for all to see and review cause it was a pretty cool story.

I still think it is and will get to my housemates on that to make it happen.

But it got me to thinking (and posting this now) that maybe we can get all the Quidditch stories like that. Cause considering all the hard work and effort that the players put into piecing the stories together, it should be worthy of some kind of viewing from the rest of the MNFF members who could leave a thoughtful review on it while each story waits to be judged.

As it stands right now, all those stories that has been judged are now deleted once the Quidditch challenge is over. To me it seems a harsh way of putting an end to all that combined talent and imagination that was put forth into making a good story.

So in the future, cause I know another round of Quidditch is about to gear up soon, could the Quidditch stories be posted in the Challenge section in the archives (possibly make a special category there for the Quidditch Stadium) that way all the hard work and effort that went into making our stories won't go in vain, unnoticed , and under appreciated?

Everybody can leave reviews for the players who worked hard into putting their stuff together, and all the teams can feel proud of their story that came out of the game.