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Thread: Weekly Drabble Challenge 5 - Halloween! Results, Finally!

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    Weekly Drabble Challenge 5 - Halloween! Results, Finally!

    I got some lovely suggestions by Gmariam, so here they are, you've got Three choices this time.

    Challenge 1:

    Fred and George pull a Halloween prank; or perhaps the Maruader's instead. Extra points for somehow combining them

    Challenge 2:

    Hagrid has a Halloween run-in with a creature from the Dark Forest

    Challenge 3:

    Nearly Headless Nick celebrates another anniversary of his beheading

    Use the form below, 15, 10 and 5 points will be awarded to the winners respectively. Enjoy!

    Challenge #:

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    Name: helgaandgodric
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Deathday Permissions
    Challenge #: 3
    Warnings: Ignoring HBP
    Words: 376

    “Rebecca, I am not going to a Deathday party! Are you insane?” A fifteen-year-old boy with curly brown hair and grey eyes gaped at his twin sister. Rebecca merely lay down on her brother’s bed and stared up at the ceiling. She knew that it wouldn’t take much to convince him, but since they had both become prefects, he started pretending that he was responsible.

    She rolled over on her stomach and faced him, propping her chin on her fist. “Win,” she began, using her soft brown eyes for a puppy-dog-look. “Win, just look at me. We can’t deny the invitation of a poor ghost to his Deathday party?”

    Before Win could answer, she continued. “And don’t give me the whole, ‘But he’s the Gryffindor ghost, and we’re Ravenclaws.’ He thinks that if we, children of famous war-heroes and current twin terrors of Hogwarts, can’t convince Sir Has-His-Head-Properly-Cut-Off that Nearly Headless Nick’s head is properly cut off, then no one can.”

    Sighing dramatically, Win groaned, “Fine, ‘Beck. I’ll go. But first you have to get us permission slips from Professor Dumbledore allowing us to miss the Halloween Feast and choosing of the Triwizard Champions. And I want you to write home to Mum and let her know, and promise her that we’ll send her essays on “The Historical Properties of Deathday Parties’.”

    “Ha ha, very funny,” Rebecca said sarcastically. As she did, she pulled 2 pieces of parchment out of her pockets and thrust them at Win. “I already did.”

    The first one read: I, Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, give permission for Rebecca Anne Malfoy and Winthrop Thomas Malfoy to skip the Halloween Feast for the Deathday party of Sir Nicholas de Mimsy Porpington because of its educational value.

    Groaning, Win looked at the second one, which was from their mother. Rebecca, it read. I am ecstatic to hear that you are seeking higher education and a better understanding of those magical matters of which you do not understand. However, an essay from each of you is not necessary. Just talk to Harry and Ron about it and compare experiences. Love, Mum (Hermione Malfoy)

    “Devious, cunning twin of mine! Why aren’t you in Slytherin?” Win cried as he chased Rebecca out of his dormitory.

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    Name: Emily_the_poet preferably Miki
    House: RAVENCLAW!!!!
    Title: Shockingly Pink or The Marauders Do it Again
    Challenge #: 1
    Warnings: Regurgitating toilets and utter boredom
    Words: 169

    The Weasley twins sighed at the tediousness of their latest punishment. Sure, causing a toilet to regurgitate had been fun but it was sad to think that toilets spitting their contents back at whatever poor soul chose to flush came with the price of rewriting the old offences of students who had long since graduated.

    "This is so boring," they chorused, their heads hitting the desk at the exact same moment.

    "Fanged Frisbees in the hall," Fred drawled, "done it what, fifty times?

    "Magic between classes? That's a first year offence," George cried as he wrote out another card.

    They had all but given up hope when Fred reached for the next stack. His eyes glanced over it cautiously as he realised the perfection of the prank.

    "George, look at this," He said as a mischievous grin spread across his face, "The Marauders have done it again!"

    A shrill shriek rang throughout the castle as the Slytherin's realised every robe they had had been dyed a brilliant pink.

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    Name: sirius_rocks
    House: Gryffindor!
    Title: Ultimate
    Challenge #: 1
    Warnings: None
    Words: 246

    James Potter peeked around the corner, and grinned. Tip-toeing around the corner, and down the stairs, Sirius and Peter followed with a large bag and their wands in hand. Remus followed, the Marauders Map in hand. Sirius and James were chuckling, this was going to be brilliant.

    They sprinted across the grounds, dew and leaves flying as the bag Sirius dragged behind him got more and more wet with the morning's rain. Peter slipped on a wet leaf, and Remus helped him off, they continued to the pumpkin patch behind Hagrid's Hut. They felt free, no one could stop them. Not at 1 am when everyone was either asleep or knocked out, due to some violent spells.

    "Diffindo," Remus whispered, and cut a pumpkin from its vines. James and Sirius rolled it into the bag, and Peter tied it up.


    Lily and her friends smiled, the Halloween decorations were beautiful and Potter hadn't been seen all day. Nor his friends. As they walked into the Entrance hall, a group of people were gathered around an extremely large pumpkin in the centre.

    Lily approached it, and noticed the inside was moving. It was like jelly! She giggled, and stretched out to touch it.

    BOOM! Pumpkin innards, orange goop and seeds exploded in the Hall, and where the pumpkin once stood, was the Marauders, covered in the same stuff the rest of the school was.

    Lily had to admit it, and she smirked. That was the ultimate.
    Will edit with more later.

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    Name: Whittyleah
    House: Gryffindor!
    Title: Happy Halloween!
    Challenge #: 1
    Warnings: None!
    Words: 408

    I, Prongs, along with Moony, Padfoot and Wormtail, are about to leave the hollowed halls of Hogwarts for all time. However, we wish to leave a legacy that will live on and on, forever in the hearts of our dear victims - ahem, professors. Here is what you, the lucky discoverers of this last will and testament of The Marauders, have to do:

    Fred and George Weasley sat in the corner of the Gryffindor Common Room, both eerily quiet as they read from the parchment in front of them. Their fellow Gryffindors knew that something was going to happen, something big.


    “This the greatest day of our lives, Fred,” George said to his twin as they walked towards the Great Hall for the Halloween Feast.

    “I completely agree, dear chap,” Fred announced jovially as he winked at a passing Slytherin.

    “I will take away points if you two do anything tonight!” Hermione Granger glared at the twins as she walked up behind them. “I know you. You’ve been up to something all week - and it better not destroy the feast!”

    With a flip of her brown, bushy hair, she was gone.

    “That girl needs…” Fred started.

    “To learn how to relax,” George finished.

    “Maybe tonight will help her,” Fred said with a mischievous glint in his blue eyes.

    The two stopped in front of the Great Hall, straightened their robes and walked in with a flourish.


    “A group of four boys did the exact same thing their last Halloween here, but that was a long time ago! Where did you two hear about that prank?” Professor McGonagall angrily questioned the twins as they sat in the Headmaster’s office.

    “Now, Minerva, we don’t know for certain that the boys did this, it could have been anyone. I know you are upset about Miss Granger’s… involvement in the display, but there is no need to treat the boys as though Azkaban is waiting,” Dumbledore said softly to the irate Transfiguration professor. “I have no evidence here to keep you on, boys. You may leave.”

    “Thank you, Professor,” the two said at the same time.

    Turning to leave they walked to the door and stopped.

    Looking over his shoulder, Fred said, "Happy Halloween, Professors.”

    Stepping through the doorway, they both stood at the top of the winding stairs. Turning around, they both waved and called, “The Marauders wish you a happy Halloween too!”

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    My poor attempt at a drabble...
    Name: Wand_Waver2006
    House: Ravenclaw!
    Title: Making the Maraduers Proud
    Challenge #: 1
    Warnings: None
    Words: 568

    “Wormtail, got the string?”

    “Yeah, James, got it right here!”

    “How many times do I have to tell you!” hissed James Potter to Peter Pettigrew. “It’s Prongs!” He sprouted thick, pearly white antlers to prove it.

    “All right!” whined Peter. James put his antlers away, mumbling, “Stupid git.” He nodded to Sirius and Remus. “You got the stuff?” he asked.

    Sirius patted the book bag in his arms. “Right here.” He smiled slyly. Remus grabbed a chair and sat in it backwards while Sirius plopped himself onto the floor. The bag rattled, and he whacked it. “Stop!” he whispered harshly.

    In the present, Fred and George Weasley shared knowing smiles as the picture in the pensieve dissolved. Their old friends, the Marauders, had given them the greatest idea. Over the summer they had found the pensieve in Sirius’ attic at Grimmauld place, and had just now began to try it out. Halloween was approaching, and their prank would be the best in Hogwarts history!

    “But how are we going to get the things we need?” Fred asked on their way to bed.

    “Dunno, but we’ll be able to get some from Hagrid,” George replied. “That woman won’t know what hit her!”

    “We’ll make the Marauders proud.” Fred pulled out the Marauder’s Map, jumping onto his bed. They had borrowed it from Harry just for this occasion. It was map of the school, with little dots walking around on it.

    “What are you two up to?” asked Lee Jordan, who was already in bed.

    “Something marvelous,” answered George.

    “Splendid,” Fred added.



    “All right!” grumbled Lee, blowing out his candle. “Sorry I asked.” But he laughed all the same.
    Professor Umbridge awoke to a disaster of a room. It took her an hour to gather her strewn robes together, and finding some clean ones was even harder. It was a flustered Professor who walked into class that morning.

    “Good morning, class,” she said as the door slammed behind her.

    “Good morning, Professor,” the class chorused, the Weasley twins louder than the rest.

    She stopped in her tracks halfway across the room. There, sitting calmly on her desk, was Buckbeak the hippogriff, also known as Witherwings.

    “For Merlin’s sake!” Professor Umbridge cried, the class laughing. She was too shocked to say much else.

    “Wait for it,” cautioned Fred in a whisper. “It’s about to get very interesting.”

    “I’d stand up, if I were you,” George said to the two middle rows, who stood and veered to the side. They knew what the twins were like. Just then, a great rumbling filled the room, and a moment later a beat red Hagrid rammed down the door.

    “Where is he?” he roared, careening into the room, knocking desks here and there. Buckbeak cried a greeting, making Umbridge shriek.

    “Get that filthy brute out of here!” screamed Umbridge. Buckbeak hissed in rage.

    “’E ain’t a brute!” challenged Hagrid. “C’mon, there’s a good boy.” Without much fuss the hippogriff followed the half-giant out.

    A fuming Umbridge turned on the spot, glaring at the twins.

    “I’ll be seeing you two in detention,” she said crisply. Her anger flared when they just smiled at her.

    “A slight detour, but well done, wouldn’t you say?” George asked his twin.

    “’Course, ol’ chap.” Fred gave him a high-five.

    “Out, now!” She yelled, bristling.

    Calmly they walked out, but before they did, they chorused, “Happy Halloween, Professor!”

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    Pumpkins and Party Hats

    Title:Pumpkins and Party Hats
    Challenge #: 1
    Warnings: None

    ~ Pumpkins and Party Hats~

    Remus Lupin’s slightly pointed ears perk at the sound of voices coming from the hall outside his classroom. Peeking out the door he could help but grin at the sight of the Weasley twin coming his way, as the duo reminded him so very much of himself and friends in their youth. The twins were muttering to themselves, but Professor Lupin’s enhanced hearing picked up every word.

    “Not a single insult,” George said, or was that Fred?

    “Not a one,” replied his twin, Fred… or George?

    Wondering what was up, the Defense Against Dark Arts professor stepped out of his hiding place and called to them “What are you two muttering about?”

    The boys looked up and said in union, “Hello, Professor.”

    “So what has you both looking so gloomy on this fine Halloween evening?” the professor asked.

    Fred and George exchanged a glance and both sensing a mischievous kinship with the professor decided to spill. “Well, in honor of this lovely holiday-”

    “We decided to bring some much needed festivity to Filch’s office.”

    “So we enchanted a couple pumpkin’s to scream insults at who ever passed the door.”

    “Well apparently Filch didn’t think it was so funny and gave us two weeks detention-”

    “Which we don’t actually mind, but we feel we’ve failed somehow since Snape got away without a single nasty insult.”

    The Professor grinned at the two for a moment lost in thought about a similar prank pulled years earlier in the very school.

    Remus check and double checked the hall, making sure no one was coming. “All clear,” he called to his three friends behind him.

    Remus, James Potter, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew stepped out of the shadows and into the 4th floor corridor.

    “This is the best prank we have come up with so far in these Hogwarts halls,” said an over excited Sirius.

    “And it will never be completed if you do not help me,” grinned James. After a few well placed and extremely complex Transfigurations and Charms, they were done and moved back into the shadows to watch the first victum.

    “Snape,” Sirius breathed with a malevolent smile.

    The four boys watched in fascination as their foe walked through an invisible wall of spells transforming his pointed hat into a witch’s party hat with a huge stuffed vulture on top and his book bag into an oversized red purse. The four boys shrieked with laughter calling the attention of passing students, the best part being Snape had yet to notice since his nose was buried in a book that now boasted a flowery cover.


    “Not to worry boys,” Professor Lupin said to his students. “ Professor Snape will not forget his most humiliating Halloween.” The ragged professor then told his enraptured audience about that prank so long ago, omitting some key details, of course.

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    Name: Pondering
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Fading Away
    Challenge #: 3
    Warnings: None
    Words: 499

    Hermione Granger did not know why she had agreed to come to another one of these gatherings. She had visited one on Halloween night when she was in her second year, because she was rather intrigued as to how (and indeed why) someone would celebrate the anniversary of their death. She also had promised Harry she would go, because it would have been lonely at the school feast by herself.

    That had been fifty years ago.

    It was now the 550th anniversary of when the rather noble Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington had become the ghost known as Nearly Headless Nick.

    And Hermione was attending yet another Deathday Party. Hadn’t she learnt her lesson the first time? Her nose was filled with the scent of putrid, rotting food. Her ears were bursting with the cacophony that failed to pass as music. Worst of all, whenever one of the transparent guests shook hands with her, she felt as if she had plunged them into buckets of ice.

    She wondered once again why she had decided to attend the party. She had essays to mark. She always gave her students their History of Magic results back within the week, and she wanted to uphold this standard. She wanted to prove that she could be a more effective teacher than her predecessor, who, in all honesty, was dead boring. Literally.

    She had wanted to prove that she could do something right, even after she had completely botched up all her previous jobs.

    All this wondering was not going to get her anywhere, as she knew precisely why she had come to the party, even if she did not want to admit to anyone, particularly not to herself.

    She was lonely.

    She had no friends or family left. Ron had left her after she had become obsessed with her job. After she had put off their wedding plans (twice) because something had come up with giant liaisons, Ron had decided enough was enough.

    Work was also responsible for taking away all the time that should have been reserved for friends. Britain had been in post-war mode, and she wanted to prove that she could fix everything through her job.

    She couldn’t.

    And as for her current job, her colleagues were acquaintances at best, and her students were that-- students.

    For her whole life, Hermione Granger had tried to prove to the world she could do everything, but as she looked at the ghosts, looking forlornly at scraps that had been food, and at the see through limbs that had been arms, Hermione realised she was fading away.

    Her work had become her. One day she was going to die, wake up, and not even realise she was dead. Just like Professor Binns.

    Now she merely wanted to prove to herself that she could be friends with someone again. She waved awkwardly to Nearly Headless Nick, who was floating by. “Happy Halloween, Nick.”

    “Happy Halloween, Hermione,” Nearly Headless Nick replied.

    Maybe they could be friends.

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    Sly Severus
    Name: Sly Severus
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Cursed by Marauders
    Challenge #: 1
    Warnings: none
    Words: 446

    James and Sirius came barging into the common room, laughing like the lunatics they were. It was well after midnight, but Remus and Peter were still awake. They were stretched out in front of the fireplace playing Exploding Snap.

    “Where were you?” Remus asked, without looking up.

    “Doing a little Halloween pranking,” Sirius replied, with his mischievous grin.

    “How come you didn’t take me?” Peter asked.

    “We needed someone to keep Moony busy so that he wouldn’t use that Prefect badge on us, again,” James told him.

    “You realize its long past midnight, and therefore no longer Halloween,” Remus reminded them.

    “We got our prank done in time,” James assured him.

    “What did you do?” Peter asked, anxiously.

    “Let’s just say that old Snivellus didn’t have a happy Halloween.”

    “Don’t you two ever get tired of torturing him?” Remus demanded, with an exasperated sigh.

    “Never!” the boys cried in unison.

    “What’s that?” Peter asked, pointing to a black, leather bound book, which James was gripping tightly.

    “This is a present from Padfoot and Prongs; to Gryffindor troublemakers to come,” Sirius told him, with a wink.

    And with that, he and James wondered off to bed, without another word to either of their friends.


    Fred and George Weasley sat in the Gryffindor common room, staring down at a black, leather bound book. It was discolored from age, but there was still something clearly magical about it.

    “Where did you find it?” George demanded.

    “It was under the loose floorboard beneath my bed. I was going to hide some of our umm…ingredients there, and I found it. It’s ingenious. I think we should try it out. After all, tonight is Halloween, and it’s endorsed by Padfoot and Prongs. You know how great their map is.”

    George stared down at the last entry in the book. It was entitled, Halloween Prank: Make Snivellus Cry. The page detailed an incredibly complicated, but extremely amusing prank.

    “Do you really think we could steal the Hufflepuff Badger?” George asked.

    “Of course, we could. This is going to be the best Halloween ever.”

    “I wonder who Snivellus is.”

    “Who cares?” Fred said quickly. “It doesn’t matter who Padfoot and Prongs tested this on. We need to decide who we’re going to try it on.”

    “How about Professor Snape?” George suggested. “If we get through it alive, we’ll be heroes. We’ll go down in Hogwarts history!”

    Fred burst out laughing, “Perfect!”

    And later that very night Severus Snape had his second run-in with the Hufflepuff mascot. He quickly remembered why he disliked Hufflepuffs. He also came to the conclusion that, even when they were gone, he would always be cursed by the Marauders.

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    Name: myownmuggle
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: His Mummy
    Challenge: #2, Hagrid's Encounter with a Creature
    Warnings: None
    Words: 500 **gasps**

    Hagrid set his empty tankard on the table and looked wistfully out the window. Halloween was usually a time of celebration at Hogwarts. This year was different. There were no giant pumpkins in the patch and no feast in the Great Hall. As a matter of fact, there was nothing, not even students! Hogwarts was virtually empty, not having reopened after Dumbledore’s death. Harry, Ron and Hermione had visited briefly before setting out to hunt for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’s Horcruxes but the school was now quiet again. Even Peeves the Poltergeist was silent

    A plaintive whimper from Fang brought Hagrid back to the present. “What is it yer silly mutt?” Hagrid rose and approached the hut’s door cautiously. The resounding knock he heard caused him to nearly jump out of his skin, which was quite a substantial feat. Hagrid grabbed the door handle and yanked the door open before the unseen hand could knock again.

    “Charlie? What the blazes are yeh doin’ here? Don’t just stand there, come on in!” Hagrid clapped Charlie Weasley on the shoulder with one beefy hand and almost knocked him over.

    “Can’t, Hagrid, but I do have something interesting to show you. Bring the Old Ogdens and let’s take a walk.” Charlie grinned and gestured for Hagrid to follow.

    It took only a moment for Hagrid to grab the bottle of firewhiskey and follow Charlie down a path and into the Forbidden Forest. Fang cowered at his heels.

    “Ruddy coward,” Hagrid mumbled.

    Charlie led the giant and the dog to a very familiar part of the forest and Hagrid realized he had not been there since he’d shown Harry the dragons before the first task of the Triwizard Tournament several years ago. Dragons, he sighed and remembered fondly.

    The trees soon parted and Hagrid found himself standing next to the old dragon paddock. He turned to Charlie, who was now grinning madly and reaching for the bottle. As Charlie took a swig, Hagrid squinted into the moonlight at an enormous winged shape that was moving slowly towards them. Charlie handed the bottle back to a now wide-eyed Hagrid.

    Hagrid drained nearly half the bottle in one swallowed before speaking. “Charlie, that’s not what I think it is?” Hagrid’s voice was brimming with excitement.

    “It is, Hagrid.” Charlie snatched the bottle before Hagrid could finish it. “I thought you might want some company tonight.”

    “Norbert-” Hagrid called out, his voice gleeful and hesitant at the same time. The winged figure took graceful flight and then settled heavily on the ground in front of Hagrid and Charlie. Fang still cowered in the shadows.

    “Norbert,” Hagrid called softly. The dragon, clearly the creature could be nothing but a dragon, took several heavy steps forward.

    Hagrid reached out to touch the dragon’s snout just as Norbert let out a sulfur-scented belch. He bobbed his head in delight, and with a second belch, let slip a small flame that set Hagrid’s beard afire.

    “Bless him,” Hagrid exclaimed, “he still knows his mummy!”

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