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    Title: Stop
    Word Count: 462

    Time is different when he is with her. It doesn’t speed up, or slow down, or anything like that; it simply stops, pauses, halts for who even knows how long, while they break every rule they ever set for themselves.

    It’s the rule-breaking, as always. The venturing into an eternally grey, morally ambiguous area where time moves neither here nor there.

    He doesn’t know how or why it got to be this way, except that it did, and he does. It’s his fault, it must be. His fault, for being weak, or young, or impossible. For being himself. He hates himself for it, but he also –

    It’s the way she feels – her body, her lips, her breathing – that gets him. He knows they are not right together, because it is impossible not to know that. They have known it from the beginning, and they are reminded of it every single time, yet every single time they come back.

    When time just stops, the way it does for them, it is more difficult than either of them can handle. How to not take advantage of it? How to not live always in the grey, when the black and the white are so much harder to survive?

    The lies flow too easily from his lips. I had to go the long way to avoid Filch. I got stuck talking to Slughorn. I made a stop in the kitchens. They believe him, no matter what, because why wouldn’t they? There is nothing not to believe when he says it like that, so convincingly, with his nonchalant shrug and his casual tone. Not even they can tell he is lying, and one day it will be terrible, but now it is only terrible in the abstract, and in his conscience.

    “We can’t keep doing this,” she says, for the thousandth time, between mismatched kisses.

    “I know,” he says, but they are in a time that does not exist, a vacuum of unmentionable desire that they can only just free themselves of when the time returns.

    Once, finally, he responds with, “We have to stop,” and breaks off their kiss before it even begins.

    She looks at him with appraising eyes, not necessarily hurt or angry, just observing. She seems to find something, something that answers her unasked question, and she nods.

    “It’s just--” he starts.

    “I know.”

    “It’s wrong.”

    “I know.”

    “It was never right, you know, not once.”

    “No, it wasn’t.”

    He turns away from her. “Then why did we do it?”

    She places a hand on his shoulder. “Because we let ourselves believe it was all right.”

    “But it’s--”

    “I know it is.”

    He faces her again. “I’m sorry,” he says, and then he leaves, and that is the end.
    blah blah blah character count blah

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    Truthfully, SPEW is the main reason I still come to the boards anymore - and it used to be the only reason. Then, I joined the SBBC, and now I spent as much time in there as I do in SPEW, if not more. I had always had my eye on it, especially after joining SPEW and strengthening my analytical skills, but I was wary of joining because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to devote proper time to it.

    Now, though, I can't imagine not being in the SBBC. I adore the SBBC. Its similar to SPEW, in a way, but also totally different. With SPEW, you review a fic. You dissect it, you analyze it, you construct a thoughtful review of what you have just read, and its done alone. With the SBBC, you analyze and dissect fics, but rather than simply telling an author directly what you think - one person's opinion - you discuss it. Its like reviewing, but on a whole other level because its a group thing. You get to build off of other people's ideas, agree or disagree, and perhaps see a fic from a different light. I have learned so much from the SBBC, and read so many fics already that I wouldn't have normally. This is why I love the SBBC.

    SPEW has its family feel - and so does the SBBC, but they're built differently, and they feel different to me, but I absolutely adore them both. Now, whenever I come to the boards I check the SBBC and SPEW first thing.

    Then I head over to the class area. This is somewhere I frequent a lot more often now, too, because I have become a Professor. I've always loved taking the classes, and peeking into the ones in which I am not enrolled. Now that I have become a Professor, too, I am even more excited about this area of the boards. I have learned a lot from the many classes offer here, and now I am very eager to be able to pass on some knowledge to others.

    Those are pretty much the only places I come to around the boards anymore. I used to frequent my house common room, but now I hardly ever go in the but for the occasional peak, or sometimes to the review circle to look for a good fic I can review for SPEW. I also used to frequent TTB, but I haven't been in there in ages either. Honestly, though there are only three places really spend a lot of time in, I love them so, so much.
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    Title: What's Black and White?
    Word Count: 400

    Black Dog the pirate crept up the tavern stairway. If he was caught, the owner—an evil hag—would curse him to Davy Jones’ locker.

    He chuckled silently. No risk, no reward.

    When he reached the topmost landing undetected, he ignored the “Do Not Enter” sign on his quarry’s door and strode into the room.

    The boy propped up in bed continued to read. “Go away, Sirius.”

    The pirate also known as Sirius Black never backed down from a challenge. “Get up, Reggie. Adventure awaits.”

    “Not for me.” His cautious younger brother’s eyes rounded as he looked up and did a double-take. “You’re soaking wet!”

    Sirius used the dressing gown lying across the foot of the bed to dry his hair. “Yeah. I almost made it around the Cape of Good Hope before Kreacher dragged me inside.”

    A flash of light streamed through the window, followed by a boom of thunder.

    Reggie gasped. “You’re barking!”

    “I’m without a crew since Dias and the rest kept sailing.” Sirius smiled meaningfully.

    “No. Mother told me I’m too old to play silly games.”

    “I’m ten. I still play.” Sirius wondered how his brother could look like him and have none of his imagination.

    “You’re a black sheep. There’s one in every family, Mother says.”

    Sirius could almost hear her say the words in that exact cold tone. “A sheep? Are you saying I stink?” He sniffed. “This room is what stinks. Smells like mould and cheese.” His eyebrows rose. “Has Kreacher been bringing you snacks?”

    “You know Mother doesn’t allow eating between meals.”

    Oh, yes, he knew. “We could play Romans,” he said, willing to compromise. “I’ll let you be Marcus Atilius Regulus, the hero who outsmarts Medusa and plunders her attic, erm, treasure cave.”

    Reggie looked tempted, yet shook his head. “I can’t.”

    Sirius jumped onto the bed and made himself comfortable. “All right, then. We’ll stay here and ask each other riddles.”

    “I hate your riddles! They’re stupid.”

    “You might like this one. What’s black and white, black and white, black and white, black and white?” When Reggie didn’t answer, he asked, “Do you want me to repeat it? I said, ‘What’s black and white, black and white—’”

    “Shut up! I’ll play. Then you’ll leave me alone. Agreed?”

    “Agreed. Want to know the answer?”


    “It’s a penguin rolling downhill.”

    Reggie’s lips twitched.

    It was enough to make a grin spread across Sirius’ face.

    The quest had begun.
    Author Note:When I read the prompt "Black and White" I immediately thought of Sirius driving Regulus mad with silly riddles. "Dias" is short for Bartolomeu Dias, who originally named the Cape of Good Hope the Cape of Storms. Marcus Atilius Regulus was the Roman naval commander legendary for heroic self-sacrifice. Who knows? Maybe both Muggles were really wizards.

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