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Thread: Ask a Moderator- Part VI

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    Rating our stories

    I was wondering if there's a certain standart we should follow when rating our stories. Of course I can rate them, and I usually rate them higher than I think they actually are, just in case so people would be forewarned. But especially the line between 3th-5th and 6th-7th Years gives me trouble sometimes. Would it be okay if I'd rate a fic or drabble 3th-5th year and state the warnings clearly so that people should know what to expect? To be more clear, I have a drabble in which a character is considering suicide, but nothing takes place and I actually did some visualisation only when he imagines how to do that, but it's not graphical and there's no gore at all. I don't think it is 6th-7th years, but I also don't want anyone to bug me about it later. What to do?

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    babekitty_92 and sirius_rocks - I'm really unable to address any concernes about the BA. I do know that QueenHal is incredibly busy and only signs on from time to time, but she has appointed members to look after the BA in her stead. The Pixel Court consists of joanna, forgotten_poems, Foxy Wolf and Fly to Dawn. One of those lovely ladies should be able to address your concerns

    Gmariam - I have not personally experienced that problem, or heard of it from anyone else. I would imagine it's a combined problem with MNFF and however your connection/browser is reacting to it. You might want to ask someone who knows about computers, because most of us don't

    And, as far as I know, the Spiders and Bots have something to do with Google and MSN searches; basically, someone has searched for something and a page in our forum is showing up in the results.

    Kehribar - Ratings can be a very subjective issue. You want to make sure that you at least have included all the warnings. There is nothing wrong with rating a little bit high just to be safe Remember that the ratings do apply to the general age-group implied by the name [ie, 3rd-5th years = 13-15 year olds; it might be what you would see in a film rated A12, 15, PG-13 or PG-15, depending on your country]

    For a bit of a general guideline, though:

    Generally, all fics start at 1st-2nd years.

    Anything that involves references or small dealings with topics such as suicide, self-injury, violence, alchohol/substance abuse, emotional/psychological abuse, or has coarse language or sexual innuendo/passing references to sexual content goes up to a 3rd-5th year rating.

    If these themes are strong in the fic, or the fic seriously addresses them/deals with them, or if there is more obvious sexual content, vulgar language or explicit violence, it should be 6th-7th years.

    Professors is generally reserved for actual description of sexual content [though no form of 'explicit' sexual content is allowed on MNFF]

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    Hello Modlies,

    I've stuffed up. I should step away from the Back button right now.

    The evidence.

    I was wondering whether a lovely AdminModly could step in and delete my second review for Kumy? I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

    Thank you!

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    *rolls eyes at silly Turnip*

    I deleted it.

    *growls at 'too short' message.*
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    Er... I don't know why, but I posted in this thread and it came up as a double post. I tried to delete it, but it won't let me. Can it be deleted?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenn22291
    Er... I don't know why, but I posted in [url=]this thread and it came up as a double post. I tried to delete it, but it won't let me. Can it be deleted?
    Done! =]

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    No account, No service, No BETA!!!

    Er.. Someone told me I can't be a beta if i dont make an account why did they say that

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    I'm confused, when I was looking up a term, they were talking about 'Challenges' where do you find those?

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    Um, sorry if it's been asked before (so kill me if it has if you must) but with the room of requirement, do you have to have permission to start a "club" in there? I know there is the Insomniacs and all those others, just wondering...


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    Oh, there was a question that popped into my head the other day.

    What makes one an "active" user? Someone who is day-to-day active, or who has posted within a certain time limit?

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