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Thread: Ask a Moderator- Part VI

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    Winged Artemis

    Book 6?


    In my fic, Meet the - Children? Book 6 is partially disregarded.

    However, the Warning "Book 6 Disregarded" is not available to me in the Warnings box. It's on other fics and is listed in the MNFF warnings page, but I was wondering if it was something only the mods could do, or if it was just a computer glitch on my part - or something of that sort.

    EDIT: I also read in the FAQ that only the "Help" threads count towards your post count. Is there a list of the Help Threads, or is that the Hospital Wing?

    EDIT 2: Thanks, deanine. I don't really care abotu the post thing, I was just curious.

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    insideout orange - Try the reference desk.

    Winged Artemis - The book 6 disregarded warning is no more. It existed briefly for people who started posting their story prior to HBP. If you are disregarding part of book 6 you are disregarding part of canon. Use the AU warning.

    And I couldn't honestly list everywhere that will count toward your posts, but it's best not to worry about your post count too much. It's a bit pointless. It will drop suddenly when we clean the forums again.

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    Sly Severus
    I was just wondering when the que closes for Christmas Break? Or is it even closing this year? I know it was closed last year. Thanks.

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    I don't even know if I'm supposed to put my question here. I'm pretty sure no one else has asked this question. I was on another HP website posting a fan fiction and they said i had to put double returns. What are double returns. I tried to ask them but I cannot contact them. i was wondering if anyone here knew? Sorry for the bother, please don't blow up at me for any reason or another...

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    Lenora: I'm assuming that double returns mean that you have to hit the enter key twice after you finish a paragraph, which will result in a space betwen paragraphs, dialogue, etc.

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