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Thread: Ask a Moderator- Part VI

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    Yes. That is a good question WingedArtemis. Also, could one of the mods please tell me at what number of posts does the little thing that keeps track of your posts change again? I am very impatient, so I kind of need a list of what it changes to (PLEASE!) and when...

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    I was wondering what the "In the rubble at Godric's Hollow" and "In the cupboard under the stairs" in people's names are and how you change it. I've been wondering about this since I first came on MNFF Beta Boards.

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    so I just plain want to know.

    Why is there a 150 post limit in threads? Is there any threads with more than 150 posts?

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    Olga To offer your services as a beta though our site you will have to register.

    Lilypotter92 Try dropping by the Great Hall.

    Babe Kitty 92 You don't need permission prior to posting but your posts will be moderated by Robin and inappropriate threads/posts are not approved.

    Winged Artemis This is a vague term used to refer to users that post to our forums and archive regularly. From time to time we have defined the term more strictly when removing inactive accounts, but that is a periodic/rare situation.

    SnowyHedwig112 This question has been answered many times. It changes at different levels and varied rates.

    Unicorngirl22 This question has been asked in every ask the moderator thread to date. Guys, please take a moment to search the threads for you topics before asking the same questions ad infinitum. Answer it is a user title based on post count.

    Lurid A thread over 150 posts has become ungainly. No one is likely to read the beginning to the end over 150 posts. Such threads are saved or graved, and if appropriate, restarted fresh.

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    Is there an anticipated completion date for the judging of the Fall Hospital Wing Project stories?


    PS- Mods rock. Have a happy turkey day.

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    I never watched Harry Potter

    Why can't I write stories if I never watched the Harry Potter movies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by myownmuggle
    Is there an anticipated completion date for the judging of the Fall Hospital Wing Project stories?
    In fact, we just finished judging last night! Results will be posted later today.

    Quote Originally Posted by Foneta
    Why can't I write stories if I never watched the Harry Potter movies?
    You certainly can write fanfiction if you haven't seen the movies! You only need to have a fairly good knowledge of the books. In some ways it's almost better, because then your writing will be purely based on book canon. Good luck with your submission!

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    I wanted to change the category of a story I submitted, but it says "That category is locked. Please select a sub-category", every time I click select. And when I went on, the category section is blank, but when I look at the story from my profile, it's in two categories. The story is To the Past, if that would help, under the same penname. I was wondering what I should do because this has never happened before. And also, I changed my summary, but everytime I save it, it's still the old one! I tried refreshing the page, but it does the same yeah, what should I do?

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    Lily_Evans - The queue is closed. You can't manipulate your category, you can't submit to a category, until Monday.

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    Why are the SPEW people on the forum leaders list?

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