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Thread: Ask a Moderator -- Part VII

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    Ask a Moderator -- Part VII

    Please view our Frequently Asked Questions before posting your questions here, and also make sure your question has not already been asked.

    [The more people ask the same question, the more pages there are, which cause more people to not take the time to read it, causing them to post the same question and the vicious cycle continues]

    Please, allow MODERATORS ONLY to answer the questions in this thread.

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    How long?

    Around how many days does it usually take for a fic to be approved or rejected after the author posts it ? Is there a point where it's been too long and should contact a mod ?

    Thx a lot!

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    Vindictus Viridian
    I was sure this was answered around here somewhere, but maybe not.

    Usually stories are in the queue for no more than a week. We've had a little trouble with our notice-mailing system, so you can check under "Manage Stories" to see if something has been deleted without the notice coming to you. If it has, find your category mod (That's in the Questions forum here, too) and PM or email her. Otherwise, don't worry unless it's been more than nine or ten days. We try to keep it under seven, but occasionally real life happens.

    Using the forums for information and finding a beta-reader or two is a good way to keep that rejection from happening. *gets off handy soapbox, dusts neatly for next person*

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    Mod openings?

    I was just wondering if MNFF needed any additional moderators to help take some of the load off.

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    Why do some fics get deleted? One of my favourites In One Breathe is nowhere to be seen and I'm very distraught :P Is it because they aren't updated and thus take up space needed for other fics? (if that's possible...)

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    Sorry if it's been asked before, but I just went to edit my signature and it keeps saying that it is over 350 characters. So I checked on Word, and there was 168 characters (including spaces) in it! I refreshed it and all, but it keeps saying the same thing!


    Ahhh, I see, thanks VV!

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    Vindictus Viridian
    Theatregirl, I think we're comfy for the moment -- but thanks! Keep an eye out for announcements; the site does keep growing. Meanwhile, I'm sure you can find lots of ways to stay busy and help out other writers.

    sirius_rocks, there was a housecleaning some months ago that removed incomplete fics that had not been updated in a very long time. The authors were forewarned so they could save the fics if they wished. Also, some authors voluntarily remove their own fics from the site, complete or otherwise.

    babekitty, I'm getting a much higher count of 293 with spaces, and that's without the HTML tags you're using. If you un-bold, un-underline, and don't format your fonts, that'll cut it back, but you have to count the banner's url and things in your total character count.

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    It got deleted!!!

    Is there some kind of glitch in the system? The first chapter of my fanfic was deleted after 5 days in the queue and I recieved no rejection letter . I saved it in a Word document, but I'd like to know if there's anything I can do to make sure it dosen't happen again


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    How do you put a link inside a banner? I had it once, but then my sig got deleted for being too tall/too wide. I'd also like clarification on how you measure pixels, if anyone can.

    Luvs 'n' hugs,

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    Marauder by Midnight
    Lily Roxy - If you didn't get a letter, visit this page:

    Wand_Waver2006 - Links are put in like this:

    [url = linkto website][ img]link to image[/ img] [/ url]

    without the spaces. For most browsers, you can right-click an image, go down to properties, and the dimensions of the image will be revealed. Add dimensions of different pictures appropriately to measure your entire signature.

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