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Hi friends!

I am Pooja from India.

After reading a thread from LexiGirl based on Hinduism, I decided to post in this thread. This is a thread for those who want to write anything based on Hindu culture. Being a Hindu myself, I can help you out to my level best in things based on Hinduism.

Parvati Patil and Padma Patil are the two Hindu characters mentioned in the HP books. Hence, there maybe times when you would want to write fics based on them or create AU characters related to them.

I can help you out with translations to Hindi (spells). I have limited knowledge in Tamil and Marathi, as I only speak tit-bits of Tamil with my family and have had only three years worth of education in Marathi. Apart from all this, I can also help with Sanskrit phrases and proverbs (call them shlokas, if you need any) from the Gita and Vedas. Belonging to a Brahmin family and going to Vedic chanting classes at the same time, I am conversant with quite a few of them.

But just remember, I am a South Indian. Even though my Hindi is unbelievably good as compared to what a South Indian's Hindi should be, I lag behind in ceremonial information concerning other cultures in India (believe me guys, there are about twenty five different known and recognised cultures in India among the two hundred cultures).

Okay, here are some basic facts about Indians in the book:

Name meanings:
Parvati is the Hindu Goddess of fertility, wife of Lord Shiva- the Destroyer. She is worshipped by married women to pray for the long life of their husbands. She is also worshipped by people who want to overcome the obstacles in their lives. "Parvat"- mountain. Therefore Parvati= One belonging to the mountains (here, Himalayas).
Other names of Goddess Parvati: Uma, Lalitha, Gauri, Shivakamini and Aparna.

Padma means 'lotus'. It is a word in Sanskrit.

A Marathi clan.

Dresses worn by Parvati and Padma in the Yule Ball:
Called as Sarara/Lehenga

My qualifications in Hindu culture:

Sanskrit texts
I don't exactly know Sanskrit, but here is all my knowledge in the Vedas:
Upanishads: Okay, but I doubt you'd need them. They are only based on the science of evolution.
Small texts: Quite good. They are rarely secular in nature and you can use them as story titles for eg. Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya is the name of one of my stories.
Bhagvad Gita: Quite good. These are not secular for most of the shlokas either. They are based on duty, respect and other stuff like that.
Please don't put forward requests for anything related to love.

I have a real good vocabulary in Hindi (not exceeding English, though) but just tell me if you need any word for your spells or OC names (Indians usually keep meaningful names from Hindi or Sanskrit). Also mention whether you want the typical 'hippie style' Hindi or high class Hindi.

Marathi and Tamil
Not very good, but I can help you out as far as possible.

So what can you trust me most in? Hindi. Sanskrit, as I said, is not a language I have learnt to speak. I'll have to search for the exact shloka which matches with your request.

So, if you have any request, just fill up this form:
Word/sentence in English:
Do you want a shloka or a translation?:
Language to be translated into (Hindi/Tamil/Marathi)/:
Now for the cultures. Here are the things I can tell you about:
South Indian weddings: Not too much in detail, but a considerable amount.

Funerals: Ah, those soaps on television don't really leave you with no idea, do they? All funerals in India are same, more or less.

Festivals: Almost all

Just send in a reply for cultures, no form for this one. But just remember:
-Child marriage does not exist now, in India. Make the character at least eighteen before getting them married.
-There is no dowry.
-Small children are buried, not burnt.

At last, I'll put up the main point to remember: I am a simple Muggle, and need not know an answer to all questions. If something like this happens, I'm extremely sorry. Secondly, my Diwali vacations are coming to an end and I may not find much time after this. Still, I'll try to answer you ASAP. Thirldy, any other Indian out there, who knows more than me can freely help me answer my requesters. Fourthly, HAPPY DIWALI AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!! (Its new year for Hindus now and we are all taking resolutions).

Don't be shy, my friends, ask away as much as you want!

Thank you,

~Ginny Weasley Potter~

EDIT: I've decided to change this into INDIAN culture. You can now ask me anything about Indians as a whole.