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Thread: Best songfic for Quicksilver Quill Awards

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    At first I disagreed, which is humorously surprising, as nearly every fic I've ever written (archived or no) has lyrics incorporated in it somewhere, but the more I think about it the more I do like the idea.

    I think that song-fics really are a different kind of story. Though there are stories that, like Nikki's referenced to and also as I have done, were majorly inspired by a song (with that song referenced to in notes/summaries/titles), a song-fic, to me, is a story in which an author is able to artfully incorporate lyrics in a way that enhances their writing. While the mood of the story may reflect a song or even a few songs, being able to incorporate the lyrics in a way that does not disrupt the story but quite oppositely compliments its mood and tone is a different form entirely. That isn't to say one is better than the other, or that everyone will agree on how much is too much and etc. but they are different.

    But . . . well I'm torn. While I do think these stories and authors should be recognized outside of their respective categories, I think the argument of their nominations remaining in those categories makes just as much sense.

    So why did you post at all if you just agree with everyone? >.>

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    Although, I suppose for this to happen, we would also have to create an actual catagory for song-fics. It's not as though we don't have enough of them in the archives to create a catagory for them.

    I just think, though, if we didn't have some sort of way to organize them, so many good stories would be lost in the shuffle just because people couldn't recall them right away.

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    All righty . . .

    One by one, we are discussing the suggestions (I promise!) and this one has been decided on.

    I think one of the mods was able to word it best so I am simply going to paste it here. I may omit some things which stray from the point but most will remain an original quote.

    There are songfics enough. But when all is said and done, 'songfic' is not a genre. The song remains in the background, like a poem or quip quoted. The story is still HP fan fiction and still falls to one of the Romance pairings, or to Dark/Angst, etc.

    If this doesn't make sense, please feel free to drop me or any other modertor a PM. Other than that, I am locking this thread.

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