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Thread: Sorting Hat PM time

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    Sorting Hat PM time

    Sometimes (becuase I'm nosy) I go in and look at the Ask a Mod and Ask the Navy threads, and I've noticed that there are a lot of questions from new members who have PM'ed the Sorting Hat and want to know when they can expect a reply.

    What I'm suggesting is that the time it usually takes to recieve a reply from the Sorting Hat is posted in the Welcome Thread. At the moment, it doesn't say anything about the length of time it takes, it just says that you should do that. I remember waiting for the reply and wondering if I had done something wrong or I had PM'ed the right person because it seemed to take a really long time, and I had no idea if it was supposed to take minutes, hours, days or even weeks to get a reply.

    Posting the information in the Welcome Thread should put new members minds at ease and reduce the number of those type of question in the Ask a Mod and Navy threads. Yes they could search the thread for an answer, but they might not know about the search feature and don't really want to trawl through pages of posts to get an answer.

    Was just a little thought I had, does anyone else agree with me?

    Sarah x

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    This information has always been available in the frequently asked questions thread.

    However, I have copied that information into the Sorting thread as well for those who have not read the FAQ.

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