The Filing Cabinet has been organized. First of all, please do not post in the Filing Cabinet. It is for old stored threads only.

Here are the subforums and basically what they cover:

Founders Era: covers everything about the Founders and any time before them.

Trio Era: covers anything from the trio, and basically info from the books not in another specific category.

Post-Hogwarts: Everything after the trio would have graduated. Basically everything after the death of Voldemort not covered in another specific category.

Miscellaneous: Things that didn't fit anywhere else.

Language Help: All old threads from the Language Desk

Hogwarts: Things pertaining to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

The Ministry: Ministry related posts

Sports: Anything related to sports and games

Animals/Creatures etc: All animal/creature related questions.

Dark Magic: Any dark magic related posts including posts on DE's and Voldemort

Magic: Posts concerning spells, potions, etc.

Marauder Era: All posts concerning the timeline from Marauder through the trio starting school.

Historical: Covers timeline between Founders Era and Marauder Era

Please check through the subforums before posting to see if your question has been answered. If your question pertains to something that could be in different subforums, please check each forum that could contain the answer to your question.

I hope you enjoy the new Filing Cabinet. I think this will help each of you quickly find the information you need.

ps. A special thanks to NikkiSue for creating the subforums for this project.