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Thread: Jewellery in the wizarding world

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    Jewellery in the wizarding world

    My mind started working on a weird idea (again) and I wondered. What sort of jewellery would witches and wizards wear?

    In the books they seem to favour silver over gold - at least I can't remember any gold jewellery. (The ring of Slytherin, perhaps, is gold?)

    I know they find goblin-wrought items valueable, but are they likely to use gemstones? Or magically made stones? I just can under no circumstances imagine someone from the old rich families, (like for example Lucius Malfoy,) giving his wife a necklace you'd risk a rich Muggle woman would wear.

    That said - the sword of Gryffindor and the diadem of Ravenclaw are both items that would be found on a Muggle (at that time of history).

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    Momo Wellish
    It's true that wizards prefer silver as far as we have seen it the last few books. Goblin-made jewellry is very valuable to them, and we have not seen much others. The sword of Gryffindor did have rubies, but that was a differant age of wizards. It may still be populer, but I don't have any canon to back it up.

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    If I'm not much mistaken, Madam Maxime wore opals. I guess the only difference between Muggle and Wizarding jewellery would be that Wizarding ones are more durable than Muggle ones (if they are Goblin-made).

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    Thank you. I guess that means they would use gemstones in a necklace, say. And a pure-blood would in any case not have the faintest ideas what sort of jewellery Muggles use.

    Though the more valueable pieces would be goblin-made.

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    I tend to think wizards would consider jewlery with much the same attitudes as Muggles do, though I doubt they would concieve of spending money on the cheap 'bottlecap' jewlery that teenage girls tend to go for.

    But I think in the sense that they would for craftsmanship, and that along with goblins, there would be some wizard jewlery-makers who would be highly regarded in their fields, and maybe a bit more accessable than a goblin would be.

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