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    Lily Evans Friends

    I was just wondering who you think Lily's Friends were when she was at Hogwarts.
    Who do you think she hung out with?

    She was Friends with Snape at first but then grew apart. In seventh year probably hanged out more with James.

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    We never really are very sure of this, I think. We know she talks to a girl named Mary in her House, and that she and Remus were prefects together. And by the way she address Sirius as Padfoot in her letter, it would seem that she befriended the Marauders after she and James began dating.

    But other than that, it never does become very clear who Lily's friends are while she is in school.

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    I think we can assume that she was friends with Marlene McKinnon, Emmeline Vance, and Alice Longbottom. They were from the same generation, so I think they would have known each other at Hogwarts. I may be completely wrong, but I think that it's probably a good shot that she was friends with at least one of them. And I think she was friends with Remus, considering they seemed to have similar personalities and interests.


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    Quote Originally Posted by twilightHPfan
    I think we can assume that she was friends with Marlene McKinnon, Emmeline Vance, and Alice Longbottom. They were from the same generation, so I think they would have known each other at Hogwarts.
    You can't assume she was friends with Alice at school. Alice was a trained Auror when she was crucio'd. Auror training is three years, plus she'd had a baby. She must have had to have taken either time off when she was training or time off after she qualified to have Neville. She has to be at least a year older than Lily, but probably more.

    I think it's a bit far fetched that all the girls in Lily's year at school become Aurors and Order members.

    Emmeline Vance, for instance, is described as 'stately' when Harry sees her. Stately implies old. If she'd been in Lily's year she'd be thirty five. That's not elderly. I don't think she's the same generation at all - she's wearing a shawl that's not what a young woman would wear at all.

    Marlene McKinnon is the person Lily gets upset about (or rather she cries when the McKinnons died). If you want her to have a canon friend then perhaps Marlene is your best option out of those three.

    Mary Macdonald is mentioned twice by Lily. First as someone who was hexed by Mulciber, and second as the person who tells Lily that Snape is outside. Although it's not stated that she's the same year, she appears to have a degree of intimacy with Lily that suggests they're friends.

    Quote Originally Posted by OliveOil Med
    We know she talks to a girl named Mary in her House, and that she and Remus were prefects together.
    We don't actually know if Lily was a prefect by the way. It isn't stated in canon (or in JK interviews). We know Remus was, and personally I think it unlikely that Dumbledore would pick two untested pupils to be Head Boy and Head Girl, but we don't know.

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    I also want to add that the assumption that Alice, or Emmeline, were Lily's friends is a bit cliche, as it is a rather common assumption. But, as Carole as already pointed out, probably unlikely. If you're looking for a canon character, I would go with Marlene or Mary, as Carole has said.

    The assumption that Remus and Lily were friends is another rather cliche one. In my opinion, as Remus was supposed to be a prefect, but as he was obviously a Marauder and not much inclined to intervene when Sirius or James got out of hand, I doubt Lily would be very close to him before she was close to James. Personally, I think she'd loose a bit of respect for Remus at that point because he's supposed to be a model to the younger student and, while he doesn't exactly participate himself, he does nothing to stop such antics, thereby making him inadvertently part of it.

    Also, in my opinion, there's no canon evidence to say that Remus and Lily 'had similar personalities and interests'. Then again, there's really no evidence to say they didn't, but I think Lily was a lot more outgoing and vocal than Remus; I see him as much more introverted. I don't mean Lily was a Ginny, but she wasn't a Remus either. I will grant that, of the four Marauders, it would seem that she and Remus would get along best, at least at first. Still, even if they did have things in common, I think Lily would avoid being 'friends' with him on principle. She wouldn't snub him, perhaps, but they wouldn't be buddy-buddy either.

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    We do not have any proof of any of Lily's friends, although she was definitely all goody-goody with Sirius and Lupin after she started dating James. I think she had maybe 2 or 3 good friends, maybe one obsessed with guys, one almost as smart as Lily or even equal in intelligence. Perhaps another uber-chick, that was the #1 jaw dropper in her year and was even on the house team. But that's just my opinion.

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