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    I know that the books have metioned alot of detentions, but I need some very unique punishments. What different kinds of long-term unusual punishments might a hogwarts proffesor place apon two students (Ginny and Draco) that causes them to spend alot of time together and become closer?

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    This is an interesting post.

    You could have them do something in the kitchens together with the house elves. Ginny would be an excellent cook while Draco is spoiled and knows nothing. Ginny could teach Draco and they could bond over that. Also, Draco's burnt food would be funny... don't forget the rest of the school and their feasts!

    They might need to collect some kind of object or ingredient from the merpeople, so by the lake is cool. Also, if one of them gets pulled underwater (Most-likely Draco, as he is too stupid to listen to Dumbledore and Hagrid's instructions), so that would be an exciting bit.

    They could clean the owl droppings without magic together!? Alone in the owlery, annoyedly interuppted by someone sending their post?

    Just some crazy suggestions...


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    You could always have them doing work in the greenhouses. Repotting plants, pruning, gathering seeds, and fertilizing. They could also have to help mend some of the older school brooms, or work in the library, maybe polishing the tables and chairs as Madame Pince probably wouldn't trust them with anything to do with the books. Just a few ideas anyway. Hope they help!

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    You could have them help Filch clean in the dungeons.

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    accio avery

    They could clean the owl droppings without magic together!? Alone in the owlery, annoyedly interuppted by someone sending their post?
    I really like that idea, you could have owls on the rafters letting loose on Draco (which would be pretty funny, if you're aiming for a humour-ish story) or the owls pecking at his shiny head. Ginny would have a laugh and that would really upset Draco, because he's not the type to take mockery. That could spark conversation, even if it is just two people who hate each other retorting back and forth until one decides to be's a pretty unusual punishment that could take a long time to complete--therefore--they get to know each other unintentionally! A beginning of a love story?

    Hope I helped, along with Lovemagic's original idea.


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    They could be put to a task by Hagrid (like in SS) that has to do with gamekeeping duties. I find the image of Draco doing manual labor very amusing That would leave them alone and out of the castle away from other students.

    Having them in the kitchens probably wouldn't work because I don't think students are supposed to know where the kitchens are. When the trio or Fred/George went down there they had to be stealthy.

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