This month, we'll be discussing the RAC's latest tip. This is because "to nitpick or not to nitpick" has been a source of debate in SPEW for quite some time, and I want everyone a chance to have their say on the matter.

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Nit-picking, to define this, is when the reviewer goes through the story and finds minor errors with things like spelling, grammar, and/or punctuation. Nit-picking is unhelpful to the author unless these errors prevented you from understanding the story. If there is a repeating problem within the story (they consistently confuse tenses or have major grammar errors), only then is it constructive to point out these errors. Simply finding (and listing) the errors is the job of the beta, not the reviewer. Our job as reviewers is to explain what they did well and why and then how to improve on things that were not quite up to par.

So, should there ever be a major error that necessitates mentioning in a review, it should never be pointed out just for the sake of pointing it out. Our job as SPEWers is to help authors improve. Thus, these large problems should never just be listed, but should be mentioned within a few lines explaining how to fix them.
(For more, see the original post, and Marie's follow-up.)

Now, with regard to your own reviews and reviews you recieved, discuss!