Characters involved: Two OCs, a girl named Sovay Rees and a boy named Tristan DuGray. They are Muggles. Then a wizard (you can choose his name and background. Preferably a canon character, but doesn't need to be).

Mood of plot bunny: Kind of dark. Most likely a Dark/Angsty fic, but could be Other Pairing or Historical.

Plot line: Sovay Rees is a wealthy beauty in 1794 England. Her family gives her everything she could ask for, but she wants more. So she runs away from London to wherever in England that the author wants. There, she meets a street urchin named Tristan DuGray. She teams up with him to make a living off of robbing stagecoaches (or whatever the Muggle transportation is). Some point after she and Tristan meet, Sovay meets a wizard named [whatever author wants name to be] in one of the stagecoaches she holds up. There is an interaction of whatever kind the author wants. Sovay cannot get the wizard out of her mind. There are a few chance encounters between Sovay and this wizard throughout the years. At some point, Tristan robs Sovay's parents and something (again, author's choice) happens from that.

Sovay falls for the wizard, who in turn loves her. But Tristan also loves Sovay, and there is a confrontation between him and the wizard. This twisted love triangle is part of the story. In the end, Sovay can end up with Tristan or this wizard. It doesn't matter which, author's choice.

Other details: This takes place in 1794 England, but I think I already said that. Whoever adopts this bunny will have a lot of free reign over it. Chapter POVs can be decided by the author (whether they want it to be third person, or first person from the POV of Sovay or the wizard or rotating POVs for each chapter or in each chapter).