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    Momo Wellish

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    I was thinking(usually a bad thing) and thought, why isn't there a sub-forum for home-made spells? I see them in plenty of five, and have about thirty myself, so why not have a forum where you can post your spells, and people will see them, thus increasing their spell reserve, and with critizims or compliments, help out the spell-maker. The ideal post format could be like this:

    Spell name:
    Type: (examples: Charm, defensive, or curse, prank, or the such)
    Level of Difficulty: (What year would you learn it? How powerful or dangerous is it?)
    Ministry Authorized: (Is it a legal spell?)
    Definition: (How did you get the enchantment? What words did you combine? What languages?)

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    I really like this idea and have now, while reading this, only just realised you are right, there should be some part of the site dedicated to home made spells, although not ridiculous ones that kill the world!
    I have actually made a spell in one of my fics, i'll use that template thingy to show you.

    Spell name:Expelliarmus Maximus
    Creator: Danny (OC character in my fic)
    Type: Defensive
    Effects: Disarms anyone within a 13 foot radius
    Level of Difficulty: The spell has to be said non verbally, so that gives an idea of it's power range.
    Ministry Authorized: Umm, no, he kinda made it up on the spot. Took him a while too.
    Definition: I just took Expelliarmus and added a maximising word to make the spell more powerful.

    Is that the type of thing you mean?

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    Russia Snow
    Oooh I do like this as an idea! It would be really fun, but I think when authors are writing their own stories, they prefer to make up their own spells that do exactly what twy want them to? I don't know I have only ever created two spells myself lol.

    I do like it as an idea though

    Russia xxxxx

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    Padfoot Patronus
    and people will see them, thus increasing their spell reserve
    Did you mean that people can then use them in their fictions too?

    It is a helpful idea but in my view, if there was a whole section for this, most people will flock there and those spells will then be used frequently (I'm assuming that is what you mean by 'increasing spell reserve'). I just feel sometimes by writing/using the same things very often threatens confusing them with what is canon. I have seen this happen a lot in timelines, not really in spells though. But I think in regards with spells people would feel better if they invent their spells suiting to their own specfic needs. It would mean that you don't have to constantly credit the person who originally came up with the name and nor would it spoil the niche for imagination found in fanfictions because their research is unique. If spell work was a substantial part of the story then help can be taken at the Skele-Gro forum.

    /Two cents


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    The Harry Potter Fan Fiction wiki has something like this, where you are free to add your own.

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