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Thread: Bigger PM inbox

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    Russia Snow

    Bigger PM inbox

    I was just sifting through my PM inbox trying to delete messages so I could recieve some new ones. Now at first 50 messages seems like alot, but once you start sending and recieving messages, it fills up really quickly.

    I like to keep records of things in my PM box, like people who I beta for, it is always nice to be able to look quickly and see who wished you happy birthday, or who asked you do do what and when. So I was wondering, if we could have bigger PM inboxs, that allow us to store more messages.

    I know I could copy and paste them onto word, but I move around on computers alot and I would like to be able to have a record that I can look back to whenever I want, it is always nice to be able to read things back especially nice messages and ones from friends.

    So could we have bigger inbox's please?

    Russia xxxxx

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    James Jameson
    I would suggest deleting the PMs you send that aren't really all that important. Like, say you thank the person who wished you a happy birthday... you keep the birthday greeting, but after you send the thank you, delete it. If they respond, they might also use a [QUOTE] so everything would be saved, and then you can delete the message the sent previously, so you have all of them

    Hope this could help your situation.

    I don't think the problem is lack of space... I think it's more of a user issue (no offence intended, Russia... I hear your view)

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    I'm so for a bigger PM box. I know it's a matter of how much space is being used by the board as a whole (isn't it something to do with bandwidth or something?) but it would be so nice to not have to prune messages every week or so; I, like Russia, move around computers a lot and being able to check dates and times (and just the messages themselves) would be superduper.



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    If I can make a suggestion that might be help? If you have information to be saved, record it on paper or in MSWord. If you want to remember the message as it was, peform a Print Screen and save it as an image. You can organise folders on your computer to help keep things tidy and easy to locate. And, if you move computers, there are options; print out the PM's and keep them in a folder. Write down information in a notebook. Save them in private LJ entries with tags for later reference.

    Some of that may seem tedious as opposed to just saving the PM's, I know, but iI actually find things easier to keep track of in Word documents and hand-written charts. And it's also, as James Jameson suggest by saying it's a user issue, the individual's responsibility to save and organisation information they want. Because I doubt the admins simply can't upgrade everyone's PM capacity so that a few people save sentimental PM's. :-/

    I hope that helps. Now, *scuttles out of the way for a mod to respond*

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    Easy solution that I use all the time:

    There's a way you could save all your PMs and download them to your computer. First, go to your messages. On the bottom, you will find something like this:

    Download all Private Messages as :
    XML | CSV | Text

    Choose whichever form you want to download them in and wa la!


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    While I understand it would be lovely to have a bigger PM box (trust me, it used to bug me having a small storage space), it is to do with the bandwidth which simply isn't going to allow it for our thousands of wonderful users.

    If us Mods had our way (and the world was perfect), everyone would have unlimited PM inbox storage, could have moving avatars and signatures that could be as big as you want, but we don't have the resources nor the ever-flowing funds to support that.

    As James Jameson pointed out, you can delete your sent PM's after sending them, or an easier way is to un-tick the 'Save a copy of this message in your Sent Items folder' box at the bottom of your reply box before you send. Makes life much easier

    As for moving around on computers, a USB or floppy disk (do those even exist nowadays?) is always handy. Keep your USB on your keys and you'll find it's an easy way to transport all the lovely PM's you receive without having to delete them.


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