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    Hey people!

    Could anyone tell me what a 'Glamour' is? I've seen about two or three fictions that mention the term, and I don't know exactly what it should do or if it's even real or not. If it is, then I was thinking it could turn out useful for this fiction I'm writing, but I need to know first.


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    Traditionally, "glamour" referred to faerie magic, specifically the sort of magic they used to charm and deceive mortals. In HP, it seems to mostly refer to magic used to enhance or change one's appearance; e.g., illusions, disguises, spells to make you more attractive, etc.

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    Another definition of a glamour is to create an illusion so real, it can fool people into believing what they see is true. Some examples would be changing hair color or eye color, or even the face of the caster.

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