The SPEW Spooky Swap Trick-or-Treat Fest III

Sign-Ups now through August 6th. Assignments sent out August 7th.
Stories due October 25th. Stories posted beginning October 26th.

For those of you who have not participated in a SpookySwap before, and as a refresher for those who have, this story exchange is set apart by it's Halloween theme, which all stories will reflect. The five trick-or-treat themes (some with shiny new names!) for SpookySwap stories are:

Ghost Stories - stories that involve with the paranormal, by way of Being (ghosts, poltergeists, other transient apparitions) or Situation (strange, unexplainable circumstances or phenomena).
Spooky Treat - Classic Halloween tone - fog, mist, graveyards, black cats, jack-o-lanterns. A bewitching atmosphere, but fairly light at heart.
Witching Hour - More ominous and/or sinister; stories with dark themes to accompany the dark tone.
Trickster's Prank - Halloween-themed humour.
Masquerade Ball - Stories about deceptions or fašades.

Sign-Up Guidelines / Rules

  • Post your request in this thread by Thursday, August 6th (11:59 PST).
  • Requests should not contain anything inappropriate for MNFF.
  • Requests should be somewhat flexible; please list at least two options for both Character/Pairing and Trick-Or-Treat Theme. (You may indicate a first-choice preference, but provide at least one other option).
  • Do not request a fic if you are not absolutely sure you will be able to take the time to write one for someone else.
  • I will send out assignments by Friday, August 7th.
  • Use this format for your request post:

    Trick-or-Treat Theme:

    : (On what you can write; limitations on ratings, and any of your character/pairing or genre blind-spots go here.)
    Trick-Or-Treat Themes I'll Write: (please list 2-5).
  • If there is any problem with your request post, I will PM you prior to the closing of the thread and ask that such problem be remedied. This is a rare occurence, but should someone happen to write out an entire plotline for a prompt, or provide limitations that states they won't write any pairing other than the ones they actively ship, they might have to make a change

Submission Guidelines / Rules

  • The story must be beta'd. There are no exceptions. Don't PM to ask if it's really mandatory; I'll say that it is.
  • When writing your story, please consider rating and content (such as language, sexual situations, etc) with regards to the taste of your recipient.
  • When submitting your story, please include this header:

    <b>Warnings (if any):</b>
  • If desired, please also include a note from you to your recipient.
  • Stories should include all HTML tags [<i>italics</i>, <b>bold</b>, etc;]
  • Stories should be PM'd or emailed to me [Jenna/ GringottsVault711] by the due-date.
  • If your story contains any words that may be editted by the forum censor, you must email it to me, or else make a very obvious note to me at the top of your PM, so that I can edit before posting.
  • If you email it to me, please send it as an attachment. Do not put the text in the body of the e-mail. (If you need my e-mail address, just PM me.)

All stories due October 25th