Does anyone else think that Bludgers are absurd, the way Rowling has described them? The idea of a homicidal ball is brilliant, I think, but what always bugs me is that the Bludger is described in the books as being 10 inches in diameter.

Now, I am horrible with numbers so I will not attempt to calculate how much such a ball would weigh, but I think a ball this big would be impractical and just plain deadly. If an olympic shot put weighs 7.26 kg/16 pounds, I hate to imagine how much heavier the larger Bludger would be.

Using a Beater's bat against this kind of ball sounds rather pointless, in my opinion, because that bat will probably break and do nothing to stop such a large, heavy ball's progress. Also, I'm surprised that Bludgers don't kill more people in Quidditch games - I would think that broken spines, caved-in skulls, and perhaps the occasional decapitation would occur, but they apparently do not.

So, do we just pass off the dimensions of the Bludger as something Rowling didn't think very carefully on? Or is there some other explanation for why such large Bludgers don't kill people (supposedly)? Could they be hollow? Or is the explanation something as simple (and rather stupid) as, "It's magic"?

Tim the Enchanter