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Thread: Ravenclaw Common Room?

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    Ravenclaw Common Room?

    Alright, so I searched for this within the forum, but couldn't find anything that answered my question, so I hope it hasn't been asked before.

    What do we know about the Ravenclaw common room? I don't actually remember ever reading about it in the books, but then, I haven't re-read the series as recently as I'd like.

    One thing I read frequently is that it doesn't have a password, but rather, the portrait gives each student a riddle and lets him or her in if the answer is reasonable. Is this a canon fact or just something lots of fans have adopted? It does seem very Ravenclaw-esque, though on the other hand, it's not like only Ravenclaws can solve riddles, so it wouldn't do too much for security.

    Any other tidbits or general impressions that are known? How it's set up, furnished, etc., the general atmosphere of the place?

    And if little is actually known about it, what are some of the most common generalizations/assumptions/accepted facts about it?

    I just hatched a plot bunny for a short story about a Ravenclaw student in which the common room plays a significant role, so any input/advice would really be appreciated.

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    Harry visits the Ravenclaw common room in DH--chapter name The Lost Diadem.

    Ravenclaw tower is located in the west wing of the castle. One enters it by answering a riddle/question posed by the eagle door knocker.It is a wide, circular and airy room, with arched windows with a good view of the mountains. There is blue and bronze silk hung on the walls. The ceiling is domed and is painted with stars. There are the usual tables and chairs in addition to bookshelves. In a niche stands a tall statue made of white marble--statue of Rowena Ravenclaw. Beside the statue, there is a door which leads to the dormitories.

    Rowena Ravenclaw preferred to teach witty and intelligent students. This did not mean that the people of other houses were not intelligent, it only meant that Ravenclaw students were generally smart. The object of posing riddles as a means to enter the common room was to make the students learn--the answers are mostly philosophical, this urges the student to think beyond the boundaries and learn more in the process.

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    Harry goes into the Claw common room in book 7 with Luna. It's chapter 29 according to the Lexicon, so you can look it up if you want!

    The common room is located on the west side of the school. The door is at the top of a staircase, which is very tight and winding and leads up from the fifth floor. The door does not have a doorknob or keyhole, just a bronze knocker that looks like an eagle. And yes, the only way to get in is to answer a riddle.

    The room is wide and circular and has a domed ceiling painted with stars. There are blue and bronze wall hangings and a blue carpet with stars on it and opposite the entrance door is the door to the dormitories and beside that is a white marble statue of Rowena Ravenclaw wearing her diadem.

    Oh yes, there are also lots of bookshelves and tables and the sort.

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    Here's another quote from DH about where the common room is:

    They climbed in tight, dizzying circles; Harry had never been up here before. At last they reached the door. THere was no handle and no keyhole: nothing but a plain expanse of aged wood, and a bronze knocker in the shape of an eagle.
    Everything else about the appearance of the common room is correct, and there's a bit paragraph that describes how it looks in DH.

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    Thank you, everyone! DH's the one I read the least (only twice, in fact, and it's all a bit of a haze - I'm planning to pick it up from the library again next week), so it looks like I failed to remember Harry's excursion into the common room.
    These facts will definitely be very helpful - and I was already planning on making reasonable guesses for dormitories and the like. Again, thanks!

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