I really don't think Harry and Ginny would live in Grimmauld Place. To paraphrase what several other people have said, there's just a negative vibe hanging about the place. Plus, the epilogue makes it clear that they're living somewhere with only four bedrooms, and Grimmauld Place has at least five (Harry & Ron, Ginny & Hermione, the twins, Molly & Arthur, and Sirius, and it sounded like no one was sleeping in Regulus' room, either).

Nor does rebuilding his parents house seem likely - aside from the possibility that a cursed house can't be rebuilt, there's the morbidity and the fact that it's been treated as a monument - what's he supposed to do, tear out that placard with the inspirational graffiti? I don't think he would, and I don't think he would live with it right outside his house. Plus it sounds like the house is at the edge of the village, which means no flying in the back garden.

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They would likely move somewhere totally different. I always pictured a small little cottage out in the country. I have a feeling that Harry would want to get away from the busy life of the city, and get to somewhere where he can relax (finally). Does that make sense?
Oh! And Harry needs a big field so that he can play Quidditch with his kids
I agree with you completely, except I always thought they'd build a cottage just outside of Godric's Hollow - a mile or so from the village; like the Burrow to Ottery St. Catchpole. That way they could walk down to visit Lily and James' graves, but wouldn't have to see them out their window every day. Yes, Harry could just Apparate to the graveyard whenever he wanted, but the kids couldn't and I imagine they / Harry and Ginny would want them to visit every now and then. I do think Harry would like to go back to his roots - just not right on top of them.