Kind of a simple question: Do you think it's plausible that Harry would've wanted to go back to Godric's Hollow? Is it a cliche or just silly/corny to have he and Ginny rebuild James and Lily's home and live there? I have the strongest urge to put them in the house because I want them in GH to begin with, and having them somewhere else, while an entire shrine to Harry is a few streets away, just seems . . . weird. For Harry, that is.

Should I just avoid GH altogether? I want him there in the first place because, to Harry, it would be like conquering . . . I dunno, some kind of inner battle. With Voldlyshorts gone I can see Harry having the need to stop proving himself to the world and start proving himself to . . . himself. And going back to the place where it all began seems like a (masochistic ) good way to do that.

ORR am I just way over-thinking Harry's post-DH living arrangements?