I'm attempting to write a short fic set just after Hogwarts was founded. I'm having one teacher per year of students instead of one teacher per subject, as there would most likely be fewer students attending Hogwarts in its early years.

Seeing as it was so long ago, I think the classes offered then would be significantly different from today. I've come up with these nine, but I'd like to get some other opinions.

Astrology = Astronomy + Divination + Arithmancy
Fortune Telling (to make a living off of the muggles) = Divination + Arithmancy + Dramatic Arts
Magical Creatures = Care of Magical Creatures + Defense Against the Dark Arts
Battle Magic = DADA + Charms + Potions + Transfiguration + Herbology + Dueling
Concealment = Muggle Studies + All Other Magic Classes
Everyday Magic (Temporary Title) = Charms + DADA + Herbology + Potions + Transfiguration
Herbs and Brews (Trying to think of a better name) = Herbology + Potions

I was also considering Alchemy, but I think that's probably too specialized. Would an early Hogwarts offer Ancient Runes and History of Magic? They seem less important and I think Hogwarts would have started out as a school for more practical magic.

Looking back at the poor education back in the 900s, do you think Hogwarts would also teach first years English and Math? And, do you think witches and wizards of that period would have written books in Latin, like early scholars around the world did? In that case, would Hogwarts teach Latin? I feel that since the wizarding populatin is so much smaller than the muggle one, even an early Hogwarts would have encouraged literacy; Rowena Ravenclaw would have seen to it.