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    Hepzibah Smith

    Hi people!

    I know that Hepzibah is related to Helga Hufflepuff and she has very many prized possesions. She was very proud and never let anyone near the treasures. She was friends with Tom Riddle ans showed him her two most prized possesions. She was really nice to him but this is where the question comes...

    What do you think Hepzibah's personality was like? How did she treat other people in general (not including Riddle, she lurved him )? Did she believe in the Pure-blood thing, seeing as she was most likely a rich pure-blood with a large family (so she might have been raised like the Malfoys and Blacks)? Do you think that she might have known and been friends with the other pure-blood families?

    (Do you think she might have been mean? Arrogant? To many questions and parenthesis, I know)

    Love from

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    I think that she would've flaunted that she had prized possesions that other people didn't have to rub it in their faces. I don't think she wouldcve told people where they were though. She was smart enough not to (except with Tom...). I don't think she believed in the whole pure blood is the best thing. I don't see her as that type of person. They way she acted around Tom wasn't the personality that was interested in pure blood people being the best. If she did, it didn't show that much. To me, she just seems like a person who likes handsom young men.

    Hoped that helped a bit

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    Hey there!

    Just thought you should know that this belongs in the Character Clinic under minor characters.

    You'll probably get more responses there and won't have a mod come after you. (I don't think they'd actually come after you... They're too nice for that.) /butt kissing.

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