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Thread: Sirius/Lily ship

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    Sirius/Lily ship

    Anyone got a romance/humor sirius/lily fic to recommend? I am just in love with Lily/Either of the Black brothers lately. Don't know why, I just do. I also love cookies with extra chocolate chips*Winks*

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    I know a few Sirius/Lily fics to recommend. I've sorted them by age group:

    1st-2nd Years: The Five Senses by Hermione Rocks

    3rd-5th Years: Perfect Bliss by fg_weasley

    6th-7th Years: The Plan by joybelle423

    Professors: As The Dawn Breaks by MerrryD

    fg_weasley's Poppy Seeds is also a good one; there's a link to it in the banner in her signature. Or right here. -->

    All of them are very good.

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    I second Poppy Seeds >> That story is addictive in itself. As the Dawn Breaks is good, too, but I haven't read the others yet. Anyway, here's the link to another thread asking pretty much the same [click] Happy reading, love!

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    When I saw your request for a Sirius/Lily story, I immediately thought of Poppy Seeds. Then I saw that my lovely beta Becca (hi, Becca!) had already suggested it, so I'll just second -- er, third -- her recommendation of the story.

    I'm a HUGE Lily/Severus shipper, so I don't even know why I looked at a Sirius/Lily story. I think I was bored one day, and it was up as a recently updated story... Anyways, it doesn't matter why I decided to read it. It's an amazing story, with high-quality, very descriptive writing. You can't be a Sirius/Lily shipper and not at least try Poppy Seeds. (That doesn't mean it's converted me to the ship, though!) It's just that the story is so addictive.

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