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Thread: Lengthy Other Pairing

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    Lengthy Other Pairing

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone could think of a reasonably long Other Pairing story. I haven't read one in a while and, although there are some amazing suggestions already, I was wondering if anyone knew of one that's maybe a little bit different. Thanks!

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    Talking out there, yay

    Do you mean chaptered, or one-shots? Here:

    one shots-

    Take What You Can Get by Gin_Drinka- Snape/Lily flashback fic. A nice and sad reflection on what Snape lost when he lost Lily, and what he misses. 2,604 words.

    Through Winter's Dusty Memories by rita_skeeter. A charming Petunia/James. 2,006 words. The author also has a few other Other Pairing fics.

    The wonderful Vindictus Viridian has written a few Other Pairing fics and one very long Snape/Ginny (A Different Sort of Peace). Bare Bones and Marriage Beds is an interesting fic about a pairing we don't see often: Lucius/Narcissa. Professors, mind you. 2,452 words.

    For All Time by Hermione_Rocks. A quite lengthy Grey Lady/Bloody Baron fic, which is something I haven't seen frequently, esp. with them as ghosts. 9,515 words. Hermione_Rocks has some other fics of the genre as well. Um, see below.


    Grace has Victory has a ton of Other Pairing fics. I haven't read them, but they're really long and I've heard good things about them.

    Ubi Amor, Ibi Dolor by Hermione_Rocks. The title means 'where there is love, there is pain. Sums it up in this dark Lucius/Andromeda fic that tells the tale of their love's dissolution.

    Luna Lovegood and the Charmed Circle by Hotrav is a long Luna-centric fic with well-made OCs. Neville. Post-war. 11 chapters. 33,461 words.

    Do Be My Enemy for Friendship's Sake by ByMerlinsBeard. Percy is in it, but he's not the main character. It's about a girl in his year named Laura and her relationship with Oliver Wood. 142,992 words.

    Lethal Affection by Phoenix5225. Snape/OC fic with awesome descriptions and a strong female love interest. Phoenix5225 is, of course, a mod, but is also a great writer. 13,272 words.

    Kerichi has a small collection of Other Pairing fics and is a fantastic fic author. The Midnight Watch is a Charlie/OC story that's adventurous, mysterious, and romantic. 10 chapters. 28,776 words. I also would recommend White Wedding and other fics by her.

    One of the things I do to find new fics is to go waaaay back into the ancient pages of fics and pick some that may be old, but are at least fresh to my eyes. Or you can click on some author in the genre randomly and see if they've written any more Other Pairings fics.

    Have fun reading!


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    I thought of another one that's a little different, but it includes a main character and a minor character. Consequentially Yours by Nyruserra. The summary is as follows:
    Summary: Itís a rescue, really. At least, thatís what Fred and George Weasley manage to convince him of. After all, Hermione is sure to be a target for revenge seeking Purebloods Ė what could any right-minded Wizard do but step in to help?

    But with the shadow of Voldemort still hanging over a frightened community, Oliver is about to find out that the consequences of doing the right thing can get very out of hand!
    Basically, it's a Hermione/Oliver Wood pairing that has not only romance and slight humour but also action/adventure included in it. Mind you, it is rated Professors (hence the reason for the link to author page). But, it's 23 chapters long and the word count is 154,727 total. It's a great read that shows a slower progress for the relationship to develop!

    I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do!

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