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Thread: Ask A Moderator - Part 19

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    Hello there,

    I have a question about word counters on the archives.

    My fic Staring into the Fire is 2005 words according to MSW on my laptop. When it appeared on the archives, it was 2110. I thought perhaps the extra 105 words was due to the summary, but tweaking that (and removing all chapter/story notes) didn't make any difference.

    Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but for this challenge the maximum word limit was 2100. I cut out 13 words from the story in the end, but I'm curious as to why this happened.

    If anyone knows ...


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    I realize GinervaPotter213 already asked this, but the question was never fully answered (there's also a thread about this in the Site Upgrade Information forum, but there are no replies there either).

    How do you remove a story from your favorites? The only links that I see are to add a story to your favorites, or add an author. Under Manage Favorites you can both add and remove favorite authors, but if there's a way to remove stories I'm totally missing it. When you click on Favorite Stories under Manage Favorites, it brings you to a page with all your favorite stories, but there are no options to remove anything that I can see. Help?

    Could I have said 'favorite' more? >.<

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    Leanne and everyone else with the same problem, there should be the option to remove favourite stories. I have this option. I just checked with my sister and her account, however, and she, too, hasn't that option. So I think it's something an admin will have to look into as I, unfortunately, have no idea where the technical problem lies. I only remember that there used to be the option of removing stories for me when I still wasn't a mod. All I can do now is ask for your patience.
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  4. 07-29-2009, 09:43 AM

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    First year here.
    When you submit a story to MNFF, will you receive an email? I've been having problems with staying logged in on the site (something to do with my browser caching; I know how to fix it), but when I tried to submit a poem entitled "Silent Peace", it said "Error: You are unauthorized to perform that move".
    I can't remember whether or not I had to re-log in, and I haven't received any mail, so I'm just wondering if it was sent or not. It was sent on the 27th or 28th.
    Many thanks

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    I am trying to add my fan fic and for some reason it won't work.

    I fill everything out and try to preview it and it says there's an error, that is not in the right format or something.

    I've tried having my chapter typed into that box and I've tried selecting my chapter file and neither work.

    What should I do?

  7. 07-30-2009, 07:07 AM

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    Russia Snow
    Way back when I first joined mugglenet, I tried to make an account with an e-mail address that I had at the time. I got this message:

    This email address has already been used to sign up for an account. If you've lost your password, please generate a new one by using the lost password feature. Please try again.
    Now, this was after I had to go back and try a different pen name, but is that the problem?

    My sister has just gone to mkae an account and has come accross the same problem, even though she has not got an account with that e-mail.

    I didnt make a fuss last time because I had been having problems with spam on my old e-mail address, so I assumed it was that.

    Now it seems that it is more likely a problem with MNFF...

    Help please!

    Russia xxxxx

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    *takes deep breath and reads everyone's posts*

    All righty then.

    Carole: Did you preview your story before submitting? I know in the past (for whatever reason) MNFF adds things sometimes between when an author copies the story into the text box and when the 'submit' button is clicked.

    End_of_an_Era: Are you asking if an e-mail is received when you SUBMIT or when your story gets approved/rejected? When you submit your story, you shuld be able to check if it is still in the queue by going to your author's page and clicking on 'Manage stories.' Otherwise, you will receive an e-mail (ninety-eight percent of the authors do, anyways) once your fanfic is approved or denied by the moderators. I will try to check the status of your story once I am done here.

    lupinandtonks4ever: I will contact you via PM.

    Russia Snow: I will look at your account and get back to you. We may exchange several PMs to solve it but I will try to fix what needs to be fixed, hehe.

    I think that's everyone.

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    I am unsure whether this question has been asked already, but...links aren't working. I was just looking at a Bannermaker thread and I tried to go to the linked banners. But it wouldn't work! Is this Mugglenet or just my computer?


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    using rare and complicated words

    I did preview the story, I always do because I have to check the formatting.

    Now, I fiddled with the summary, removed the chapter notes completely and in the end removed 13 words so it was within limits. It now says 2097 words (which is fine) but ... if I copy and paste the story back into MSW it shows as only 2000 words - so somewhere the archive counters have added 97 words. I wondered if it was ellipses, hyphens, stars and things.

    This isn't a problem as such, but it is a bit of a puzzle.


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    I don't know if you already answered this but....

    Whenever I try to access the "Beta Wanted" or "Beta Guild" sections of the forums, it tells me that I don't have permission to access them. Is this just my computer?


  14. 08-05-2009, 05:37 PM

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