Hi- I was just wondering whether in Deathly Hallows you think Death Eaters would be (and I'm sorry I can't think of another expression for this) out of the closet?

As in I know Bellatrix now walks around without fear of arrest etc, but say at the Ministry would they still have to hide their Dark Marks, from the people, like Umbridge, who were not Death Eaters?

Or would it be one of those things where everyone suspected but no-one knew?
I'm just wondering because in a plot I'm working on my OC's father discovers she is a Death Eater either because he returns from a self-imposed exile and sees it on her arm, or he hears rumours that she is a Death Eater and removes the charms she has hiding it.

THis is set in an AU where Harry dies in the Battle of Hogwarts. SO after that do you think maybe the Death Eaters would be able to come out more into the open?

Any ideas/ advice would be great!