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Thread: Regulus/Lily

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    Momo Wellish


    I've just finished reading the snake amongst the flowers and would love to see a lily and regulus shipie.

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    jenny b
    I only know of one - it's unrequited Reg/Lily, and I don't know if it's what you were looking for ... but I highly recommend it anyway. It's extremely beautiful and well-written.

    Every Foolish Dream by electronicquillster

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    You should try Good Things by Cinderella Angelina.

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    Dory_The_Fishie just submitted a new one: Pour A Little Salt, We Were Never Here.

    I've read some but not all of it, but Leanne's fic are all amazing, so I'm sure this one is as well.
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    fg_weasley: Yes I agree with you. I just finished reading this one, and I love how Leanne captivates her characters so perfectly. It is a very good read.


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