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Thread: Slytherins in the Marauder Era

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    Slytherins in the Marauder Era

    Who were some of the Slytherins in the Marauder Era? There is Snape and Regulus a year behind him, but who else is there? I can't think of any.

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    (c. 1970s)
    Avery (Snape's contemporary)
    Black, Bellatrix (c. 1970s)
    Black, Narcissa (c. 1965 - 1972)
    Black, Regulus (c. 1972 - 1979)
    Lestrange, Rodolphus (c. 1970s)
    Lestrange, Rabastan (c. 1970s)
    Malfoy, Lucius (1965 - 1972)
    Rosier, Evan (c. 1970s)
    Snape, Severus (1971 - 1978)
    Wilkes (c. 1970s)
    I found that^ on the Lexicon. The Marauders attended Hogwarts from 1971-1978. Alot of this is just guess work, as most of the dates are ROUGHLY 1970. The only ones for sure are Cissa and Lucius who would be in their sixth year, assuming the Marauders are in first year. Bella and Regulus are both younger, so they come after, as for the rest it's pretty much up in the air I'd say.

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    There are a few other Death Eaters without specific ages mentioned in the Lexicon, like a "Selwyn" character. You could always throw those in if you wanted, and maybe a Crabbe and Goyle for good measure. Depending on what house and age you think he is, Gilderoy Lockhart could also be an option.

    When it comes to Bellatrix, there's a bit of a timeline problem because she was supposedly born in 1951, yet I think it was also mentioned that she went to school the same time as Snape. Go figure that one.

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    Lily also mentiones Mulciber as someone she finds 'creepy' and he did something to Mary Macdonald. He's later names as a Death Eater (see The Pensieve GOF) and is sent to Azkaban.

    And Barty Crouch Junior was about 19 when sent to Azkaban so would have been a year or two younger than the Marauders - He could possibly be in the same year as Regulus - depending on how you space their birthdays.

    With Bellatrix - what Sirius actually says is that Snape

    Quote Originally Posted by GOF Padfoot Returns
    was part of a gang of Slytherins who nearly all turned out to be Death Eaters.
    He does mention the Lestranges as a married couple, but it could be that either by gang he meant a group that would meet in Hogsmeade - so would have some older members, or you could spin it that Rodolphus was at school with Snape but Bellatrix is a few years older than him. Bellatrix dob is given as 1950 I think on the Black Family tree, so she's roughly ten years older than Snape.


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    This is a very troublesome time line because it seems almost implied that many of these people went to school together. (It makes fanfic about a thousand times more interesting if they DO go to school together, too.) However, the DOB for the Black sisters are Bella (1951), Andromeda (between the two), and Narcissa (1955). If Narcissa is at Hogwarts from 1965-1972, you realize that she would only be there for about a year or so while the Marauders were at school, and the other sisters would probably not be there at all. If you figure Bellatrix and Rodolphus around the same age, you could maybe make Rabastan Lestrange at Hogwarts as the same time as the Marauders (he could be the younger brother). I also believe Snape hung around with Wilkes.

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