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Thread: Sirius Blacks' Birthday

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    Sirius Blacks' Birthday

    Hi! I've looked in several places, including the books and the Harry Potter Lexicon, and I just can't seem to find Sirius Blacks' birthday. Does J.K. Rowling ever tell us what it is? If you could help me out it would be very much appreciated. Thanks!!

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    As far as I know, she never told us. Though, we can be sure that it has to be somewhere between August 1959 and July 1960. I personally think that his birthday is in the second half of 1959, but it's up to you really.
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    I always thought his birthady was some time in June. He seems like that kind of person (well, those of my friends who are born in June are all a bit reckless, really). I don't think we know from Canon though..
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    Thanks guys! Yeah I agree that it's probably in summer time, I was thinking May or June. I guess I'll just pick a day around that time. Thanks so much for your help!!


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