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Thread: Harry Potter and the Seven Deadly Sins

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    Hmm...this is an interesting project. Where did you get it?


    Wrath: Bellatrix or Voldy, although I think Bella is a bit more wrath-ish (word?).
    Lust: Ginny, because she hooks up with different boys every other week (no offense); Romilda Vane, because she's trying to poisen Harry with love potion for Pete's sake; and Pansy Parkinson, because...well, have you read a part where she's with Malfoy. -shudder-
    Envy: Ron or Petunia, because both are very jealous of people (Harry for both, and Lily)
    Greed: Perhaps Voldy. I mean, his goal in life is to be evil dictator of the world. If that's not 'greedy', then I'm a flobberworm.
    Sloth: Crabbe and Goyle, those big oafs we love to hate.
    Pride: The Malfoys, Percy, and Hermione (pure-blood status, pompousness, being smart)
    Gluttony: Dudders of course!!

    Once again, this is an interesting project. I hope I helped!

    Roonil_Wazlib125 aka Annmarie

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    I think there's a lot for this one, but Bella certainly has a lot going for it. Her and most of the Death Eaters. But Vernon Durlsey can also lose it occasionally. I think most characters have a deep sense of anger in them, at some stage.


    The Malfoys and similar purebloods, boviously proud of their blood status. But in HBP, Hermione and Ron seem too proud to admit they like each other.


    Rita Skeeter's always greedy for a story she can twist, and she never seems satisfied with the bare facts. Umbridge is also greedy to climb the ladder within the wizarding world.


    I agree with Crabbe and Goyle, but also Slughorn...he does turn into an armchair.


    Petunia does let her envy of Lily ruin their relationship. Snape also lets his envy of Potter make him angry and lash out. It's another emotion that comes with being human, though, and so a majority feel it at some stage. Voldy's even jealous of purebloods.




    Okay, for this one I say Merope Gaunt. She lusts after Tom Riddle Senior and this is what lands her in trouble. I know she seems very bland, but I think lust fits her and what she does.

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    Food for thought, isn't it?

    Wrath Molly, in the final battle with Bellatrix... or Molly when her kids are out of line, if you want a bit of humour. Voldermort or Bellatrix would be suitable of course, especially when the cause behind their wrath is anger. Like the former's reaction at finding out about Harry and company knowing about the cup. But most of the time, both these characters act out of their sadistic nature, you know? Torturing others for the fun of it, especially Belltrix. It's Lunacy, if you ask me...

    James, because of his stereotypical thinking that all Gryffindor is all that is good and noble, and deploring Snape because he's a Slytherin. Slughorn is alos 'proud' of all the influence he has over famour people. I don't think hermione'd pass for pride. She's an advocate of the less represented magical creatures, isn't she? It takes self esteem, and a down to earth outlook to do that. But pride can be taken in a wide range of meanings. Whatever floats your boat, then.

    Greed Snape, when he's observing Lily in the playground and by the stream in the forest. And if I'm not mistaken, the word used to describe his epressions is 'greedy'. I could be wrong, of course.

    Sloth Crabbe and Goyle maybe? They'd pass for gluttony as well.

    Envy Peter, Snape (depending on one's own opinion) and Ron'd be convincing.

    Aunt Marge. But my vote goes to Dudley

    Hmm.... Bella, for sure, judging from the way she acts around Voldermort. It might be awe or deep admiration, but if you look at the description she surrounfing the two when they are together, Bella is often descibed as behaving longingly in my opinion. And she was calling out af if to a, or as a (I forget ) lover when Voldermort first fell in DH.

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