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Thread: Azkaban Guards

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    Azkaban Guards


    I was just wondering how Azkaban would be guarded post the escape of the Dementors. I'm talking about a world where Voldemort has been defeated for several years, but the Death Eaters are still being caught. Who/what would guard Azkaban, then?

    Any help would be lovely. Thank you!
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    I would imagine that Aurors would guard Azkaban.

    The ministry took away Dementors because they could hardly be trusted. I'd think that they would want to put there trust in a human and not a creature this time. Maybe they even opened up a new section in the ministry for guarding Azkaban? Like a subdivision of Aurors who are particularly trained to guard the prison.

    I can't find any information on Lexicon and I don't think they state anything in the books (if I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will correct me! ), so I'd say you can do whatever you want with this. Just keep in mind why they got rid of the dementors. It would be silly if you had the ministry put trolls in replace of dementors.

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    I think there might be some Hit Wizards or some Aurors guarding Azkaban, but I think the dementors might still be around, but in a more limited capacity. Maybe the dementors would be on the outskirts of the island or only in among the most dangerous prisoners. I can see a phasing out of the dementors, but then, we don't know how they would get rid of the dementors. I don't think you can kill them, and they certainly just can't set them free to do whatever. So, I guess the question would be how do you contain or kill a dementor? If they're not guarding Azkaban, how are the dementors being controlled?

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    Like the others said, I also definitely think that they used Aurors.

    After all, Dementors were no longer trustworthy after joining Voldemort. so its probable that they used Aurors. Loads of armed, highly trained Aurors. However, maybe for the more evil Dark Wizards, they kept the Dementors at hand? just for the Dementors Kiss, maybe. After all, only Aurors might not be able to fight them.

    As for keeping the Dementors under control, maybe they used some kind of powerful spell? Its the only method I can think of.

    And Sarah has a nice idea... opening a new office in the Ministry only for the Azkaban guards. They probably change shifts, since its really cold there. They won't want to stay there all the time, in case hypothermia sets in.

    Hope I helped!

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