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Thread: SPEW Reviews for July

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    SPEW Reviews for July

    Please remember you must post four reviews, or three reviews and one approved review replacement.

    Approved activities that will replace your fourth review are:

    • SPEW Buddies
    • Class Activity at Hogwarts
    • Category Patrolling Project
    • Story or Drabble Challenges
    • Review Award Committee Duties
    • Participation in SPEW 007; you must post either one story/chapter (800+ words) or two drabbles (less than 800 words) during this review period.

    Also, please remember to complete at least one monthly activity - a response to the Monthly Discussion or Monthly Drabble challenge, or a review for our Featured Author.

    All reviews must be posted and monthly activites completed by Harry's birthday! (That is July 31st).

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    Yay! New review thread! And first again!


    - The Truth Behind the Hatred by mudbloodproud – my review
    - Unheeded Warnings by Faile – my review
    - Drowning in Darkness by MerrryD – my review <--- SPEW buddy

    Review Replacement Activity

    - RAC duties
    - SPEW buddies with Mere
    - Class activities:
    • teaching Reviewing OWL
    • Character Exploration NEWT
    • Being British OWL
    • Bannermaking for Beginners OWL

    Monthly Activity

    July Drabble Challenge

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    [1] Review for Killer Instincts by Ginny Weasley Potter
    [2] Review for That Night-time Stroll by jenny b << -- SPEW Buddy
    [3] Review for P.S. I still love you by MJ_Padfoot

    Review Replacements

    Haylee's Character Class
    Bine's Reviewing Class
    SPEW 007
    SPEW Buddies with Jen.

    Monthly Activity

    July Discussion: Mature Content

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    1. My review for Poppy Seeds - Chapter Two: Tolerance by Nikki (fg_wealsey)
    2. My review for A Sudden Movement by Jenna (Gringottsvault711/TheVault) <-- SPEW Buddy
    3. My review for With The Cold by Cassie (ms. leading/cassie123) <-- Featured Author

    Review Replacement:

    SPEW Buddies with Jenna.
    Review Award Committee Duties.

    Monthly Activity:

    Reviewed and questioned the Featured Author, Cassie.


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    My Review for the prologue of The Fog Will Cast a Certain Shade by Mar

    My Review for chapter one of The Fog Will Cast a Certain Shade by Mar

    My Review for Frames of Existence by Cassie

    Review Replacement

    RAC duties
    Participation in SPEW 007

    Monthly Requirement

    Reviewed the Featured Author.

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    ms. leading

    My Review for Nikki's Poppy Seeds [Tolerance: When the Devil and the Angel Sing]

    My Review for TwitchyGirl's Divided By Magic [Meredith's Emergence]

    My Review for TwitchyGirl's Divided By Magic ["They Live In This Body"]

    [Review Replacement]

    SPEW Buddies with Nikki

    [Monthly Activity]

    Monthly Discussion: Mature Content

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