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Thread: Cancer in the HP World

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    Cancer in the HP World


    Uhm, I just need to know.

    Is it possible for a wizard to get Cancer (say, leukemia)?
    If so, is there anr "magical" treatment for it?

    Thanks in advace!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Disappearance_26

    Uhm, I just need to know.

    Is it possible for a wizard to get Cancer (say, leukemia)?
    If so, is there anr "magical" treatment for it?

    Thanks in advace!
    Why shouldn't it be possible for a wizard to get cancer? If they can still get something as mundane as the common cold, I don't think they'd be immune from leukemia.

    As for cures, they probably would have some treatments that slow its spread, but I don't imagine a complete cure is possible, even in the wizarding world.

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    I'm sure wizards can get cancer, but the real question is whether or not they can cure it. There are no examples of such in cannon, so you can justify it either way. They have some cures that elude us (cold cures) but lack some that we have (laser eye surgery). However, there is no rule as such that states what is allowed and what isn't.

    I kind of hate to say this, but just use it however you find most convenient (or most logical). If you want to have a wizard dying slowly of something, then have no cure. The path I take in my fiction (not with cancer, specifically, but with similar things) is that some wizards (i.e. muggle borns) are angry that they can't share their life-saving magic with muggles.

    If you were checking to see if there is a rule, then there isn't one. If you were checking for ideas, I prefer the later of my examples. It's up to you now.

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    I think cancer is possible in the Wizard World, too. And it sure can be lethal with a relapse.

    In the chemotherapy for leukaemia, there are medicines injected into the person's body. These medicines kill the excessive WBCs that have been formed. I think the wizards would have similar potions with less severe side effects (no hair loss, etc).

    We also have bone-marrow transplants in our world. I can see the younger Healers in the Wizarding World taking interest in such things and trying to treat ailing wizards similarly.

    Wizards are human beings, after all, so I can see them catch all the diseases that we do.
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    Yes, it definitely is possible to have cancer. Why can't they? They're humans like us, not too superior than Muggles in any way.

    Although I think there would be no definite cure, There SHOULD be some ways to stop it spreading. Definitely some potions, and some spells would not harm either. Something that works like chemotherapy.

    Even though Wizards can catch Muggle diseases I believe, some of their diseases don't exist in the Muggle world. A couple of examples mentioned in the book are Dragn Pox and Spattergroit. Maybe those were just some disadvantages in them, just like the magical genes were advantages.

    Hope it helped!


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    This is so scarily ironic.

    Do I think that cancer would and could exist in the wizarding world? Most definately. I don't believe, however, that they would have a complete cure for it. It'd all be down to circumstances - and how quickly it got caught. I don't think that they would call it cancer, it just seems too 'muggle' a term for it to go by. I think it'd be known by another name, it just makes more sense. I don't believe they'd have a complete cure, but alternatives to chemotherapy and radiotherapy; potions, spells and the like.

    And on a completely random note, in the UK we spell Leukemia, leukaemia. I'm not sure why...


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    I think that wizards should be able to get cancer, but maybe wizard cancer works differently from muggle cancer. Wizard cancer could even have a different name (I would pick a sign of the zodiac, as "cancer" is a sign and it would be a funny play on words). perhaps their magic starts going haywire, or maybe one of the "symptoms" is loss of magical power. Or they start randomly levitating in the air. These are all speculations - but things like that might make your story more interesting, no? Since this is not covered in anything remotely canon (as far as I know), you could really do whatever you want.
    Hope I could be somewhat of a help!

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    This is sort of a follow-up to Halgy's comment...

    Here's something else to consider: would wizards have any way of detecting the disease — let alone curing it? Perhaps witches and wizards are getting ill and dying, but no one knows why. As unaware of Muggles and Muggle technology as the Wizarding World seems to be, it's quite possible that wizards have a much more basic understanding of the disease. I mean, would they have any spells or other wizarding equivalents of MRIs, CAT scans, or blood tests?

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    I totally believe Wizards could get cancer. All cancer is is a mutated cell.

    With what Anna said about maybe magic going haywire and all, it could be the same as people losing their hair during chemo...

    Some Wizard and Witches think that they are the better being because they are magical, but that doesn't stop them from being human, as someone said already. They also said that maybe Wizard and Witches having magic is what gives them other diseases that Muggles can't get.

    Magic is a gene, and each gene in humans react different ways and cause different things to happen to the body.


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    Logically, wizards should be able to get cancer, and any other disease, since they are human. We never really see Muggle diseases talked about in the books, though. The only diseases mentioned for wizards are magical ones, like Dragon Pox and Spattergroit. There does not seem to be a cancer ward at St. Mungo's.

    Rowling left these things out because it wouldn't have been keeping in the spirit of the books to say James's parents died of cancer. But it leaves open several possibilities:

    1. Wizards just rename Muggle diseases. (Maybe "Dragon Pox" is cancer.)

    2. Wizards are actually pretty lousy when it comes to medical science. (St. Mungo's doesn't seem to be very good at treating anything that can't be undone with a simple healing charm.)

    3. Wizards generally don't get Muggle diseases. This isn't completely implausible; wizards supposedly don't die in mundane accidents very often either, so maybe their magic protects them from non-magical maladies as well.

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