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Thread: Snape having a son/daughter?

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    Question Snape having a son/daughter?

    I have tried to write one of these stories, because the topic seems so awesome. I tried to write one with Snape having a daughter that was in hiding for her safety and she eventually has to be pulled from her hiding spot by her father and meets Harry and the fall for each other. Cliche, I know. But I would LOVE something like that. I love Snape, and I love the idea of him having a daughter or even a son to fall for a girl character...

    Please and thank you.

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    Well, of course what comes to my mind is the Once There Was a Darkness series. And the character of Snape's daughter, Shiloh Sanders, won the QSQ award for Best Female OC, so you KNOW it's good!

    Once There Was A Darkness: Year One
    Once There Was A Darkness: Year Two

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    While it mightn't be exactly what you're looking for, what springs to mind for me is Not Only A Granger, which is one of the most amazing fics out there.


    Emma x

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    Snape's Son by fearless flyer is built on an interesting premise. It is of course about Snape's son, hence the title.

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