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Thread: Voldemort/Bellatrix and Voldemort/Minerva

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    Momo Wellish

    Voldemort/Bellatrix and Voldemort/Minerva

    I was thinking(always a bad thing when I do) and I happened to notice, why doesn't ol' Voldyshorts have his own romance category? I have seen plenty of Voldster/Minerva fics, and the amount of Voldywart/Bellatrix fics are on the rise. Why can't Voldemort have a love life too? Despite the fact that he doesn't understand live doesn't mean he can't love, can he?

    I think Dumbledore was right, Smolderin' Volders needs some love! If you agree with me then post your opinion!

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    I agree! Although many might argue that the Dark Lord is completely inhuman and incapable of love, I beg to differ. As one of the most major characters in the series, Voldiekins should have his own romance category good idea!

    ***Dumbledore says that he agrees too, but he doesn't have an account so he asked me to post in for him***

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    There actually aren't that many Voldemort romance stories in the queue; at least, not enough to warrant a separate category for them. Voldemort romance stories can continue to be submitted to Other Pairing.

    Thank you for your suggestion.

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