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Thread: Required ending

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    Required ending

    I was thinking, why don't we fan fic authors end every fic with the word scar?

    For example:

    Lily looked James and smiled.

    "I know pronounce you wizard and wife!" Sirius, who was the only one who had come to see them elope, said.

    James smiled at Lily and kissed her full on her lips.

    Mr. and Mrs. James Potter then, holding hands, rushed off to their bedroom.


    For all of those people like me that were hoping DH would end with scar. I think it would just be awesome and lively

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    Ohhhh yes... I remember Rowling saying that the last word in Deathly Hallows would be "scar." Then me and my friends debated what would happen in the ending just based on that little detail - I figured Harry had to survive in order for his scar to be mentioned, but one of my friends just pointed out that she could just as well write about Harry's corpse lying at Voldemort's feet, and ending with something like him laughing evilly and pointing at his scar.

    And then when I read Deathly Hallows, it turns out the the last word was "well."


    Anyway, enough rambling on my part. But I must say that if Rowling can't even end the series with "scar," I think we are effectively freed from any such obligation.

    But, I have to admit, your excerpt was pretty random and funny. Perhaps some authors can make some use of this...

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    Huh? I always thought we would know the story was over because there was just no more writing.

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    We should leave it to the authors of how they want to end their stories. Whilst this is a funny idea, it's not really of practical use.
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