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Thread: Apurva wants to make banners for YOU!

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    Apurva wants to make banners for YOU!

    I've been wanting to be a bannermaker for a long time, but I'd never learned how to until I took the bannermaking class taught by BB and Sitara here at Hogwarts! But now I've been working with GIMP for a while, and I decided the best thing I could do is practice. So, even if you've requested banners from other people for your stories, I'd appreciate you requesting from me as well, if only because you'll have something to choose from, because I'd *really* appreciate the chance and the practice! That's my rant before I start, haha.

    Name: Apurva
    Age: 19
    Graphics program: GIMP 2.6
    How long you have been designing: About a month.
    Specialties: Hmm, I guess I don't really have one. I really like story banners.
    Fave Fanfic Category: General, romance.
    OTP: Draco/Hermione. I also like Draco/Ginny, although I'll read almost anything else, too.
    Any stories on MNFF? Yes: A Difficult Conversation
    Payment: Credit in your signature would be excellent. If you really like your banner, I will love you forever if you leave a review for my story!
    Availability: Definitely available!

    Made for requests:

    Russia Snow (1)
    Russia Snow (2)

    Examples of my work from most recent to oldest:

    To request a banner from me, please use this form!
    Title of your Story:
    Author Name: (If you'd like it on the banner)
    Catch phrase: (Only if you’d like one, of course)
    Overall look of the banner: (i.e. colors, images)
    Fonts: (i.e. specific name of font or a general idea)
    Characters: (specific characters in the banner? If so, would you like movie characters, or images of your choosing, or my choosing?)
    Story Summary: (So we can get a feel of your story, a link would be peachy as well)
    Banner size: (So it fits in with the rest of your signature; may not exceed 300x500px. Avatars are 100x100px.)
    Have You Requested This Banner Before?:
    Anything else?

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    Russia Snow
    You know what Apurva? I saw you banner thread diwn here and just though "That is wrong" so here i am with a request

    I have already requested this from Alyssa (Harry4lif) But I fidget alot, it is in my personality, so I like to have loads of choices, I'd have a banner for everyday if I could!

    Title of your Story: Torn
    Author Name: Russia Snow
    Catch phrase: A shower of rain to chan ge a life
    Overall look of the banner: Maybe rain in the background? i dunno
    Fonts: -shrug- (Creative liscence applys with both these banners )
    Characters: possibly Jenna it's up to you really.
    Objects/Locations/etc: a silver locket, with a heart on it?
    Story Summary and/or link: Jenna Lloyd is a normal muggle, who would have thought a shower of rain, a mysterious antiques shop and a magical locket could change her life forever?
    Banner size: 500x70
    Have You Requested This Banner Before?: well kind of. I requested the big banner from Roop, but I dont know how long it will take.. and yes I requested it from Alyssa
    Anything else? I would like two please! one saying "coming soon" and the other just advertisinng the story, I wanna wear these while roop is making my other banner the coming soon one for ASAP to show that it is coming soon...and the other one till Roop makes my big one


    Russia xxxxx

    PS. just make sure that you got the "two banners" part, one saying "coming soon" the other just an advertising banner

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    Aww, you are very sweet I decided I'm probably going to make 2 different banners so you can tell me which one you like (and I can give you 2 versions of that one with "coming soon" and...not, haha).

    I'm done with the first one, and it's below. Let me know what you think! Changes, edits, re-dos are all completely fine. I'm making the second one as I write this. It'll probably look a lot different - I'll edit it in when I'm done.

    EDIT: I'm done with version 2! Let me know which one you like, and I can change the text around (or anything else, really, just let me know)

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    You make banners, too.
    I already have one, but I can never get enough! So would you have the time to make one for my story?

    Title of your Story: A Suitable Young Man
    Author Name: Blue Phoenix
    Catch phrase: If you have an idea, go with it, but it's not necessary.
    Overall look of the banner: Do what you'd like! (I'm being demanding, here)
    Story Summary: I trust you to remember that
    Banner size: 500x70
    Have You Requested This Banner Before?: well, I already have a story banner, but this one is a smaller one
    Anything else? Nope. Be creative!


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    Russia Snow
    Apurva! Tis true beauty! *loves*

    It's gorgeous!

    You moved or deleted the second one? :s Ca you re-link it please? I have saved the other one though!

    I just submitted it! YEY!

    Thankyou again it is gorgeous!

    Russia xxxxx

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    Russia - I'm so glad you liked it I fixed the link of the second one, too!

    Anje - Indeed I do believe I have read a story titled "A Suitable Young Man"....and I would love to make a banner for it!

    Everyone else - I'M UBER-AVAILABLE!

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    Russia Snow
    *Squiggles* Its beautiful!!!

    I shall use them both

    Thankyou! *hugs*

    Russia xxxxx

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    Anje - done! If you need any changes/edits, please let me know.

    Everyone else: AVAILABLE!

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    *huggs banner*
    I love it!
    Now all I got to do is actually start chapter 9. Or put up banner... hmm... the story can wait.


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    Hi! If you could make me a banner, that would be awesome!

    Title of your Story: n/a

    Author Name: n/a

    Catch phrase: "Where your treasure is, there will be your heart also."

    Overall look of the banner: I guess pretty looking and a little bit old-fashioned like.

    Fonts: something pretty, and readable

    Characters: you choose

    Story Summary: n/a

    Banner size: 300x500

    Have You Requested This Banner Before?: nope

    Anything else? I don't think so. Thanks!!!

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