Hmmm, I'm just posting to point out that International Floo won't make much sense because many countries (like mine) are too hot to even bother with fireplaces in the houses.
Great! Now I'm wondering how wizards in warmer countries travel great distances! Portkeys are supposedly very difficult to make, and Apparation wouldn't work for children.

I suppose most wizard homes might have a hearth of some sort for cooking. I have actually already done some wondering about how Floo Networks would work when there are no nearby fireplaces. In one chapter of a story I'm working on, the characters just shoot out of a burning canister, much to the shock of the crowd of homeless perople gathered around it.

Do you suppose poeple in warmer countries devise alturnative means of travel as opposed to the Floo. I think of India being a former British colony and I think it would be something British wizards would have pondered over.