I'm not sure if this is the place for this, but I have a few questions regarding the duties of Head Boys and Girls at Hogwarts.

1.) Is it a canon fact that there is a specific dorm for only Heads, or is that just a fanon idea set up to make it easier for Lily to get to know James better?

2.) What are the specific duties of Heads? I know that they patrol the corridors, but wouldn't that just make them prefects? What gives them a special title?

And a few questions regarding the Heads themselves.

3.) Do we know who the Head Boy and Girl were for Harry, Ron, and Hermione's seventh year (the one after the final battle)? I've heard that it was Draco and Hermione, but I think that is just a fanon idea because Draco already had his seventh year.

4.) How does the headmaster/headmistress go about choosing a Head? It could be he chooses the prefects and then looks for the most responsible of those, but James was never a prefect so that idea can't be right.

Any ideas?