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    Diagon Alley

    Hi! In my fic, the two main characters decide to open a bookstore on Diagon Alley. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how they could go about this? Would there be a leasing agency that they could go to? Thanks for your help!

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    It depends on who you think owns the property in Diagon Alley. There might be a wizarding leasing agency, which would actually be quite useful for wizards and witches. Wizarding locations seem quite spread out, and people might need help finding a magical location to buy/build a house or other property There are also probably laws and restrictions on where you can have a magical property so that muggle don't see them, and witches and wizards might need assistance in applying for Magical Planning Permission!

    Not that any of that applies in Diagon Alley of course. An agency would probably put adverts in the Daily Prophet for properties that were avalible, so that might be one way your characters would find out about it; or the agency would own an office somewhere in Diagon Alley that they could visit. Your characters might also need a business loan from Gringotts for start up costs. I imagine properties in Diagon Alley would be quite expensive to lease as it is a major shopping centre for wizards.

    Don't know if that helps at all, just a few thoughts.

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    I don't see why there couldn't be a leasing agent, though the wizarding world seems more old fashioned to me. I see fewer middlemen than we have today and more direct business contact. I would imagine they would find a building that was available and contact the owner to rent it. Of course, there could be an agent, so people like the Malfoys, who I could imagine owning buildings in the city, would not have to deal with the little working class people.

    Also, they would probably need to get a license to do business and they would get that at the Ministry for Magic, a department of merchant licensing or some such office.

    Is there a specific reason for them to open a bookshop, rather than some other business? I ask because Flourish and Blotts is already located at Diagon Alley. Maybe they are going to take on the big book store?

    edit: This is so weird. When I posted this last night, there was not a reply from psijupiter. At least not that showed up on my screen. <.< And I rechecked before I posted. And no one else was looking at the thread. >.> *spooky*

    Edit: Oh, bellanca (below) has a brilliant take on it. I love the magical idea. I fully concur.

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    It's funny but I had more of a magic based idea, like you go to the ministry dept of buildings and explain where, what size, what you'll use it for and they expand a place and put the building. There might be some guy who's job is installing magical structures, you could go through and design "put the stairs here, no wait! Over there" and get a custom store or home. If you knew how you'd just get the permit and build it yourself, like the Burrow perhaps.

    As someone pointed out there's a large bookstore already, if you think it's an issue your store could specialize in certain subjects, sell antique and rare books, or recycle used school books and such to draw a different crowd. I just Love bookstores if you can't tell

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    I like the idea of being able to design your own place, that would be really cool. I was actually thinking earlier that it would be kind of cool if the bookstore could be in the same place Ollivander's wand shop was. I'm planning on having the bookstore sell both wizard and muggle books, as well as some rare and specialized texts.

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